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Laura Vazquez

On Google Doodles' 14th Anniversary, A Look At How They're Made (SLIDESHOW) - 0 views

    A look at how the Google doodles are made. The article includes an interview with some of the doodlers of how they get their ideas for Googles new doodles.
Anthony Rossi

13 BEST Global Google Doodles - 0 views

    This article provides 13 Google Doodles that have been widely seen as "the best". It also gives a brief history of Google Doodles, talks about Doodle4Google, and briefly describes the events each of the 13 Doodles represents.
Adam Munera

Google Doodles - 0 views

    Just thought I would add this page about controversial Google doodles! Its interesting which ones were viewed as controversial.
    Good one, Adam. I meant to ask Laura and forgot whether the doodles are always the same in every country, and this gallery shows that they aren't. Which makes a lot of sense. The Miró one is interesting, too -- the fact that the artist's heirs felt ripped off, even though it was original artwork in the *style* of Miró rather than anything actually copied from a digital version of Miró.
Lauren McDonald

Google Doodle of the Day - 0 views

    Todays Google Doodle found on the google homepage is dedicated to Shakuntala Devi. She is also known as the "Human Computer" I have attached the wikipedia article that details who Shakuntala Devi is and why she is important enough to receive the Doodle! :)
Anthony Rossi

Changing HTML (Hack) - 1 views

    I found this as a fun video. T This video is in respect to today's (27SEP13) Google Doodle (or Game). It shows an individual changing the HTML in order to "Win" or achieve a higher score for the game itself. These steps can be done by anybody. However, I feel like this individual has too much time on their hands and could be putting their skills to better use.
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