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Amanda French

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse: DMCA Safe Harbor - 0 views

    Here's a description of the "Safe Harbor" provision of the 1998 DMCA, which allows sites like YouTube and Pinterest to operate without (too much) fear of copyright lawsuits.
Stephanie Sanlorenzo

Read The Official DMCA Act - 2 views

    It's a big lengthy but here is the DMCA act, if anyone was willing to read it. It's sorted into five sections, each about different issues.
    Thanks, Stephanie. I'll post a link to a bit about the Safe Harbor provision that Pinterest operates under.
Claire Madison

Digital Millennium Copyright Act - 0 views

    This is an article on the DMCA, so it may shine some light on my presentation yesterday on Pinterest and the copyright laws! It is also an interesting read and very informative!
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