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Stephanie Sanlorenzo

Watson, the supercomputer. - 0 views

    This was the super computer I was talking about in class today, the one that won on Jeopardy.
Alex Gregg - 0 views

This is pretty interesting for all of us would be slackers. It's sun glasses that are also a virtual computer. However, you won't be able to fool many people because apparently it lights up on the ...

information awesome

started by Alex Gregg on 18 Nov 13 no follow-up yet
Emily Broadwater

19 Apps to Boost Concentration - 0 views

    These are different app for computers that will help you concentrate on your work rather than being on sites that you shouldn't be. Currently I am using the StayFocused chrome extension to block certain sites when I am working.
Brandon Boucher

$150 third world lap top - 0 views

    NY times article about developing nations and access to affordable technology for schools.
Lauren McDonald

Google Doodle of the Day - 0 views

    Todays Google Doodle found on the google homepage is dedicated to Shakuntala Devi. She is also known as the "Human Computer" I have attached the wikipedia article that details who Shakuntala Devi is and why she is important enough to receive the doodle! :)
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