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Amanda French

Google Advanced Search - 0 views

    Link to Google's hidden Advanced Search ... useful for narrowing your searches.
James Hemdal

Top 10 YouTube URL Tricks - 0 views

    This website has some more advanced URL tricks to make your YouTube experience better. Most of these tips are for embedding videos, but there are tips for viewing as well.
    Anything that has the words "tips" or "tricks" in it, I like, even when it's not related to what we've been discussing lately. :)
Nathan Reinecke

20 Extensions Every Chrome User Must Try - 0 views

    Mostly useful for people who use Chrome, but most of these undoubtedly have analogues or versions in Firefox. A lot of good extensions for news, productivity and research, plus some stuff that's just plain cool.
    While this website is helpful, many of the apps do not seem to be useful to everyday browsing, excluding a few in the Education section of the article. Granted, I still went and downloaded a lot of those apps because, as Nathan said above me, they're pretty cool.
    Browser extensions are definitely neat -- all the browsers have them now, pretty much. Firefox was the first browser to be extensible like this, so there tend to be a lot of extensions available for it. Zotero, which we're going to learn about next week, started out as a Firefox extension. I thought about defining "extension" in core concepts, but it's maybe a little more advanced than that. Extensions (also called "add-ons" and "plugins") are basically little apps that "plug in" to a big app.
Vincent Rodriguez

SQL Tutorial with examples - 0 views

    A site that gives you different examples of SQL's and how to use them.
    Thanks, Vincent, though learning SQL is a pretty advanced skill. It's unlikely you'll need it anytime soon, certainly not for this class. I do regret asking the question on the exam -- maybe I'll give everyone automatic credit!
Madalyn Velie

Skype in the Business world - 0 views

    I thought it was really interesting that Skype has become so incorporated in the business world. And that blunders, that may be funny or annoying during a normal Skype call (like never making eye contact with the camera), could be more costly when communicating with business intentions.
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