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David Karp Paid $81 Million too much for Tumblr - 0 views

    This article discusses a power struggle between David Karp and the new CEO of Tumblr.
Rebecca Lee

WordPress Proven as the Most Powerful Blogging Platform - 0 views

    An article that explains the reasons why Wordpress is considered the most powerful platform for blogging.
Rebecca Lee

Yelp effect reshapes how businesses interact with customers - 0 views

    An article that goes more in-depth of the presentation I gave on Yelp CEO/Co-Founder Jeremy Stoppelman and how Yelp has the power of online reviews affects businesses.
Alex Gregg

Wordpress Tip and Tricks - 0 views

    I found this interesting. It could be useful to anyone who really wants to make their wordpress profile stand out. If you have the patience to learn it all, it would definitely be helpful.
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