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Natasha Taliferro

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Google lead coalition for cheaper internet - 0 views

    World Wide Web creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee is leading a coalition to bring cheaper internet to developing countries in Africa. The coalition includes Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, and others.
Lizzie Ehrreich

Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality - 0 views

    Article written by Tim Berners-Lee on the public's role on maintaining the principles and control of the world wide web.
Stephanie Sanlorenzo

The Oldest Webpage Currently On The Internet - 2 views

    As the title says, this is the oldest site online. It uses hypertext and uses links within the text to browse information. It is a very basic, black and white site that really shows how far we have come since then.
    That is great, Stephanie! is one of my favorite sites -- it's run by the library and information school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and it has a fair amount of tech history. It's similar in some ways to I'm curious: how did you find it?
    I actually found it through a BBC article a few months back. The site I posted is not the original but is a copy of the original that Tim Berners-Lee kept.
Amanda French

Twenty years of a free, open web - Cern - 0 views

    Can't resist sharing this -- found it from Stephanie's "Oldest website on the Internet" link. Great short history of the web. "" Note that it links to the "first" website at , which is not the same as the "oldest" one that Stephanie linked to -- I think the one Stephanie posted was a demonstration site, but not a "real" site, so I agree that it's older. :)
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