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WordPress Proven as the Most Powerful Blogging Platform - 0 views

    An article that explains the reasons why Wordpress is considered the most powerful platform for blogging.

Can Automated Editorial Tools Help Wikipedia's Declining Volunteer Workforce? - 1 views

    An article from Technology Review discusses an important question many people bring up about the quality of articles on wikipedia. It also discusses the relatively small number of dedicated editors who play a fundamental role in the community. Due to the small number of editors and authoritative contributors to many of the articles on Wikipedia, the article also discusses that an algorithm that assesses the quality of Wikipedia articles could reassure visitors and help focus editors on entries that need improving. The computer scientists (Xiangju Qin and Pádraig Cunningham) have developed automated editorial tool that may reduce the workload that remains for the volunteer workforce.
    The Wikipedia guy who came to speak told me about this article -- it's a big deal in the Wikipedia community.

Crowdsourcing: A Million Heads is Better than One - 1 views

    Interesting article about how crowdsourcing is defined by Josh Catone. In the article, crowdsourcing is broken down into three categories. All of which are shown with websites that are used as examples.
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