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Talia Wujtewicz

How to download a full backup copy of Wikipedia - 0 views

    Just in case you lose Internet connection while doing research for an essay, here's how you can download all of Wikipedia's content
Claire Madison

Digital Millennium Copyright Act - 0 views

    This is an article on the DMCA, so it may shine some light on my presentation yesterday on Pinterest and the copyright laws! It is also an interesting read and very informative!
Lauren McDonald

Google Doodle of the Day - 0 views

    Todays Google Doodle found on the google homepage is dedicated to Shakuntala Devi. She is also known as the "Human Computer" I have attached the wikipedia article that details who Shakuntala Devi is and why she is important enough to receive the doodle! :)
Natalie Niemeyer

Listen To Wikipedia Be Edited - 1 views

    This website, while not very informative, is very interesting. It displays the updates on Wikipedia articles through sounds.
    Hey, that is neat.
    I think it's done in HTML5, which may be why I don't get any sound for it in Chrome -- not all browsers can manage all features of the new, drastically revised version of HTML yet.
Gordon Hall

10 Interesting And Unusual Wikipedia Articles - 1 views

    Listserve is a website that writes about lists of things strange and yet fascinating at the same time. This list definetly falls under this idea, and despite the fact that this article was originally published in 2011, most of the articles in this list are still up and running on wikipedia.
Paola Torrico

Open Access Week Wikipedia Contributor - 0 views

    The fundamental principles by which Wikipedia operates can be summarized in five " pillars"
    I attended one of the Open Access Week events in which a contributor from Wikipedia came and spoke about Wikipedia. I found the presentation to be really interesting. He spoke about the five pillars of Wikipedia (which we've already learned about) among other things.
    Thanks, Paola. I'll add 5 points to your Exam 2 grade when I grade it.
Taylor Kreinces

Wikipedia:List of free online resources - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

    This Wikipedia page shows all the available online resources open to the public.
    Interesting, Taylor. Notice that that page is part of a project called "The Resource Exchange" and/or "The Wikipedia Library." I was just talking to a frequent Wikipedia editor named Jake Orlowitz the other day who's volunteering with the Wikipedia Library; we're going to try to bring him to campus to give a talk. If we do, I'll let y'all know. Thanks for the link!
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