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Emily Broadwater

Rather. - 0 views

    Rather is a new service that helps you block key words you would rather not see on your facebook newsfeed. It is just an extension in the Google Chrome browser.
Amanda French

Computer History Museum - Internet History - 0 views

    A timeline of the Internet (with portraits!) from the Computer History Museum. This timeline begins in 1962 and ends in 1992 with the invention of the World Wide Web -- or, rather (though I'd say it's the same thing), with the 1992 invention of the first web browser, Mosaic, at the University of Illinois.
Cameron Wall

Understanding the Zotero Pane - Citation Managers - Subject and Course Guides at Washin... - 0 views

    Even though Prof. French gave a rather in detail tutorial of Zotero in class, here's a visual guide in case you get lost!

Some Thoughts on the Whole "Artists' Books in the Digital Age" Thing | The Binding Agent - 0 views

    This article proposes that digital technologies actually AID in keeping the book a widely spread and accessible media, rather than hurting its future.
Gordon Hall

Directory vs. Folder - 1 views

    This link gives information on the difference between a directory and a folder. The reason I found this link so useful was because it outlines the difference between the two for Mac and PC users.
    Congratulations, Gordon, on being the very first to post! :) I will say I'm not very impressed with the link, though -- it's a bit fuzzy on whether there is or is not a difference between a directory and a folder, except in a technical sense on Windows Vista. (I'd argue that in general there isn't, though I grant you there are special cases.) And you can't tell who wrote that piece, and it comes from the support database of a particular software company rather than from a site that's dedicated to explanations / teaching / learning / education. At least Wikipedia is deliberately trying to educate people, and it's better on this issue, I'd say, and provides a clearer argument that a directory is something structural in an OS whereas a folder is a visual "metaphor" for a collection of files, which may or may not be an actual directory:
Amanda French

Top 10 Domain Hosting Companies of 2013 - 2 views

Also by the way, please do post these as a "Bookmark" rather than a "Topic" -- that way all the comments and things will show up on the main group page.

Hist390 hosts

Liz Roberts

Basic HTML Tags - 0 views

    This website shows the basics of writing HTML, and gives a rather long list of tags.

Just a fun article about the internet. - 0 views

    Don't forget to add a comment that describes what's at the link, Milan. I'll give you credit this time, but not next time. That is clearly an *ancient* web page. If you do View Source on it, too, you can tell (at least I can) that it was hand-coded in HTML rather than generated by a CMS. And all the tags are written in capital letters, . No one does that anymore.
    Plus, is a middle school. I don't really trust what they say about the Internet. :) Of course, if it's "just for fun" ...
Amanda French - 4 views

By the way, please do post these as a "Bookmark" rather than a "Topic" -- that way all the comments and things will show up on the main group page.


Emily Broadwater

No special characters required: Password app uses facial recognition - 0 views

    An app that lets you use facial recognition rather than a numerical code to get into your phone.
Liz Roberts - 1 views

Okay so I messed up. Here's the link.

History Information News

Adam Munera

Google Doodles - 0 views

    Just thought I would add this page about controversial Google doodles! Its interesting which ones were viewed as controversial.
    Good one, Adam. I meant to ask Laura and forgot whether the doodles are always the same in every country, and this gallery shows that they aren't. Which makes a lot of sense. The Miró one is interesting, too -- the fact that the artist's heirs felt ripped off, even though it was original artwork in the *style* of Miró rather than anything actually copied from a digital version of Miró.
Emily Broadwater

19 Apps to Boost Concentration - 0 views

    These are different app for computers that will help you concentrate on your work rather than being on sites that you shouldn't be. Currently I am using the StayFocused chrome extension to block certain sites when I am working.
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