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Taylor Kreinces

HowStuffWorks Videos "What is the future of libraries?" - 2 views

    Video about one person's take on what libraries will be used for in the future. Very interesting opinion.
    Hmm, interesting. The service she describes where libraries sell books is fairly rare, still, although it's made possible by a thing called an Espresso Book Machine that prints copied of ebooks: I hate when I can't figure out the date of things. I even looked at the source code to try to find out when that video was recorded, but I couldn't. I did discover that the girl in the video (I love her sweater!) is one of the co-hosts of another How Stuff Works podcast called "Stuff You Missed in History Class" at -- that might be useful! Certainly relevant. :) Their latest episode is about an 18th-century "Vampire Panic" in New England. Sign me up.
    I listen to that podcast all the time!
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