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Alex Gregg

Peering into the future of Media - 0 views

    Very interesting read on what the future could look like for the way in which we get information and do every day tasks.
Xiaotong Liu

Google offers hands-free voice search for computers running Chrome - 0 views

    if you had Google Chrome, now you can use the voice search on it.
Claire Madison

Why Don't People Want to Read E-books on Tablets? - 0 views

    Great article of why there is a drastic statistical decline in people reading e-books
Claire Madison

Update: Skype being investigated over NSA spying links - 0 views

    Interesting updated article about skype spying!
Anthony Rossi

13 BEST Global Google Doodles - 0 views

    This article provides 13 Google Doodles that have been widely seen as "the best".
    It also gives a brief history of Google Doodles, talks about Doodle4Google, and briefly describes the events each of the 13 Doodles represents.
Claire Madison

How to Give Kind Criticism, and Avoid Being Critical - 0 views

    A great read for the next few weeks of presentations! A how-to on constructive criticism!
    Thanks, Claire! It's all been pretty constructive so far, I think, but this is helpful.
Natasha Taliferro

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Google lead coalition for cheaper internet - 0 views

    World Wide Web creator, Sir Tim Berners-Lee is leading a coalition to bring cheaper internet to developing countries in Africa. The coalition includes Google, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, and others.
Daniel Richardson

Google in China - 0 views

    Fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal on Google and how they are handling China's censorship laws.
Lauren McDonald

20 Google Search Shortcuts - 1 views

    This website provides a list of 20 shortcuts you can use google for. This list explains how you can maximize the google search engine in order to find a wide variety of information quickly. Enables the user to use google to answer everyday questions easily.
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