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Emily Broadwater

11 Essential Algorithms That Make The Internet Work - 0 views

    For the math-phobic out there, don't let the word scare you. An "algorithm" is nothing more than a set of instructions, just like a recipe or how-to book.And the Internet relies on many, many algorithms in order to function properly. When you type search terms into Google, it follows a very complex algorithm to determine which results to show you.

Algorithms - 0 views

    Provides an explanation of algorithms in terms of programming. Skip down to the "Computer Algorithms" section
Amanda French

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Common Craft - 0 views

    Another good Common Craft video about search engine optimization -- says that "Google and Bing are the librarians of the Internet." Interesting, and a total coincidence, that this video also uses the notion of a "recipe" to explain how to make your website more searchable -- the same analogy I used to explain an algorithm.
Mahrokh Akhavan

Google Celebrates 15 Years - 0 views

    Its Google's Birthday today and It seems like the giant among search engines is still continuing to push for better service. I noticed that my google format had changed and I found out it was because Hummingbird, its new search algorithm that gives better search results.
Nathan Reinecke

New search engine with a new kind of algorithm - 0 views

    A few weeks late to be that relevant but I thought this was really kind of cool.
Rebecca Lee

Can Automated Editorial Tools Help Wikipedia's Declining Volunteer Workforce? - 1 views

    An article from Technology Review discusses an important question many people bring up about the quality of articles on wikipedia. It also discusses the relatively small number of dedicated editors who play a fundamental role in the community. Due to the small number of editors and authoritative contributors to many of the articles on Wikipedia, the article also discusses that an algorithm that assesses the quality of Wikipedia articles could reassure visitors and help focus editors on entries that need improving. The computer scientists (Xiangju Qin and Pádraig Cunningham) have developed automated editorial tool that may reduce the workload that remains for the volunteer workforce.
    The Wikipedia guy who came to speak told me about this article -- it's a big deal in the Wikipedia community.
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