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Jeffrey Siegel

Times Higher Education - Future at their fingertips (or in their pockets, anyway) - 1 views

    The top two barriers to technology-enhanced learning (TEL) the survey concludes: lack of time and insufficient financial resources
Noor Alkhater

10 Real-World BYOD Classrooms - 1 views

    A brief overview of 10 different schools/school districts that have implemented BYOD programs. A good starting point for those who want to explore what BYOD looks like in different schools, as well as the different ways each school uses such programs.
Kasthuri Gopalaratnam

How to Launch a Successful BYOD Program | MindShift - 0 views

    mobile devices as a route to 1-1
    ""Mobile learning is all about changing instruction. Because if the instruction doesn't change, allowing the kids to bring their own device will do nothing,""
Bridget Binstock

Dubai schools move from pencils to iPads - 1 views

    Parents are divided by the tech movement at the GEMS Royal Dubai School. It exposes the concern of the growing digital divide if the need for an iPad is so strong and becomes the "go to" device. Will BYOD really mean "bring your own iPad?" Thoughts?
Bridget Binstock

7 Myths About BYOD Debunked - 3 views

    Lisa Nielsen, the author of "Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning" and "The Innovative Educator" blog, believes it is time to shatter a few myths about students bringing their own devices (BYOD) to school
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