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Diego Vallejos

South Korea Says Good-Bye To Print Textbooks, Plans To Digitize Entire Curriculum By 20... - 2 views

    I noticed in the video that despite the kids all having computers, the classroom set-up seems to still be the same as the traditional one, with the teacher in front and the students all sitting at individual desks facing the teacher. Where's the group work/peer-to-peer interaction?
Katherine Tarulli

Study Shows the Effectiveness of Conceptual Learning in Math among Middle School Students - 1 views

    This article details the findings of a recent study of 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Arizona that found that the students that used a new math and science curriculum called Adaptive Curriculum scored higher on post-tests and assessments than students with the traditional curriculum. The new treatment teaches conceptual understanding of math through content and technology, and emphasizes real-world, informal applications of math and science. 
Chris Dede

Education, psychology and technology: Games lessons | The Economist - 1 views

    a school with a curriculum based on videogames
    While I applaud the concept of their program, I believe it tips the scale too far in the direction of technology. Unless the students plan to solely work in a digital world the removal of a physical classroom and interaction will greatly affect their social development. For example, physics lab was partially about the smell of the chemicals, the viewing of the wave pools, the teamwork and the mistakes that were real life.
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