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Sebastian Warner

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started by Sebastian Warner on 09 Feb 12
  • Sebastian Warner
    No more delays in having the PMP?? certification?

    Let's say the following statements apply to you:

    ?? You are managing projects

    ?? You heard the project management PMP?? assessment is difficult

    ?? You are an admitted perfectionist in regards to projects assigned to people.

    ?? You ensure your projects are successful and get better and better with each new project.

    ?? You have the title and performing the effort without the credential.

    ?? You might have many years experience taking care of projects even before moving into your current position.

    ?? You are performing the role being a project manager managing projects at all project management institute necessary but you don't enjoy the title.

    If you answered yes to any of the above statements you are procrastinating to find your PMP?? certification credential. Don't stare at yourself a later date saying I should obtain the PMP??, you know you're supposed to accomplish this so let's get on the highway.

    If you have been managing temporary initiatives or endeavors over time it is time to get up and make some immediate changes prove your work. Get on the right road to travel to certification complete lane. It shouldn't take you long now that you know that's where you need to go. Yes, you need to go there. First, you have to determine where you are with regard to what do you formally learn about the processes and practice you've got been performing while taking care of projects. Project management is not really accidental although many fall into it by accident or what's say, by gift. Nor is it reactive or unconscious. Undertaking management is intentional, proactive and purposeful. Quite naturally if you're a critical thinker and into details and realize that nothing just happens there are some specific actions that make things happen then you definately are deemed the perfect personality trait for the profession of project supervision. There are some tried and proven methods theoretically that should work quite often and when practiced boosts competencies and communications amongst all involved and affected by the project. Due diligence of that profession is required and that means you pick the right vehicle for a journey.

    Most, in any other case all, certifications requires significant effort to achieve and do result in gained knowledge.

    For the people with proper experience, a certification may increase significant value since a lot of these professionals can put some sort of formal knowledge structure to what they are practicing on the job.

    We believe that most will not argue with this statement: some certifications have significant value, others do not, and it is important to realize the difference.

    Some certifications have tried good value but have lost it and are losing their benefits although their numbers carry on and grow. Sound like a contradictory statement and maybe it is but we will argue otherwise.

    You will find there's huge gap in practice and awareness relating to the project management tools value of certifications in the market. This is usually the outcome of overzealous marketing, and once we mentioned earlier on bordering unethical behaviors.

    Sadly, some professional associations are usually more concerned with growing their numbers rather then clearly communicating the true value of each certification they grant or spend the essential screening effort to make sure that qualified individuals earn the right certification.

    Some certification are introductory or early career nonetheless they are 'sold' as expert level.

    Some are general certifications for someone with project management experience (although reduced) but are 'sold' since project manager's certification.

    Most introductory certifications have good value as introductory level and not they are necessarily an indicator that the holder of such certification can be an experienced project manager.

    The Question of Value

    Due to some of the factors that we outlined earlier, many technical professionals with limited or no experiences project management professional in project management are obtaining these certification. Some of them don't even know the change between a project lifetime and process groups, or maybe a project plan and some sort of schedule, or even the difference between an alteration and a variance.

    The above scenario is leading to contradictory market perceptions:

    On one hand, quite a few interviewers, human resources managers, and executives are utilizing certification as a filter for screening employment candidates given that they believe that these certifications are of a "great value" and indications of "expert project managers. "

    In contrast, for those of people who truly understand the value and limitations of a lot of these certifications, the action of professional associations granting these certifications produce a situation of "mistrust" available and in the abilities. We also lose regard for these commercial practices and not enough responsibility.

    Our Recommendations

    For human resources and recruiting managers and executives, we offer the following advice:

    Do not necessarily take certification as proof of expert level performer

    Scan through the certification requirements to help you out understand if this can be a basic level or some sort of senior level or an expert level

    Don't take the certification holder for granted... review your CV, challenge the human being, ask the difficult doubts, go beyond soft skills and get the hard project supervision core questions (if you're hiring for a undertaking management position)

    Does the certificate holder get project management experience or technical experience focusing on project management methodologies project; do not trust that professional association to verify this for your needs since they mostly rely on online applications with limited audit or verification

    That Action

    One must always recognize that some professional associations might not be in the best position to treat these concerns and we need an alternative. The alternative is to focus on educating the global neighborhood, educating recruiters and executives over the value of certifications.

    Just how can we do that?

    Through this informative article, we urge professionals together with project management thought leaders to become listed on us and launch an initiative below the title "Protecting Project Supervision: What Executives Need to Know"; this is like a consumers protection initiatives.

    What do you think?

    Can we play a role here? How can we succeed in creating the required awareness in project management jobs as unbiased approach as possible?

    More in future articles!

    Mounir A. Ajam

    twenty six September 2011 Copyright laws (c) 2011 John Reiling
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