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Albert Martin

Harddisk, Hard Drive, Pen Drive, Raid, Server, Windows, Linux, Mac & Data Backup - 0 views

    Online data recovery from Harddisk, Hard Drive, Pen Drive, Server, Raid and Mac, Linux, Windows and server Data backup recovery process online. We have expert technician to recover deleted files, memory card and format recovery.
Terry Hess

Conditional Knockout Model Service Provider - 0 views

    Creative Animodel is rolling out a tissue particular conditional knockout scientific type of mouse in which a focus on gene could be specially deletion from the sole body organ. In order to carry out that Creative Animodel employ Tetracycline-Inducible models in addition to Cre/lox System.

Getting Started with Chrome extension - Diigo help - 0 views

  • Use the “Save” option to bookmark a page. Bookmarking saves a link to the page in your online Diigo library, allowing you to easily access it later.
  • Highlighting can also be accomplished from the context pop-up. After the Chrome extension is installed, whenever you select text on a webpage, the context pop-up will appear, allowing you to accomplish text-related annotation. Highlight Pop-up Menu – After you highlight some text, position your mouse cursor over it and the highlight pop-up menu will appear. The highlight pop-up menu allows you to add notes to, share, or delete the highlight.
  • Sticky Note Click the middle icon on the annotation toolbar to add a sticky note to the page. With a sticky note, you can write your thoughts anywhere on a web page.
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