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Jogendra Singh

Acupressure Spine Roller - Su-j Helth (Acupressure-Health) - 2 views

    Acupressure Spine Roller : (Magnetic Deluxe) This device is useful for back pain, back discomfort, spine trouble and muscle fatigue, etc. Tone up of spinal nerves and revitalizes total body, removes stiffness. It can also be used as a body massager. Office employees may take use daily for 5 minutes to avoid unnecessary backache. Its deluxe shape specially designed for firm grip and full pressure.
    Thanks for sharing. Actually, I often suffer from back pain. I tried so many treatments, but nothing helps. And of course, I'm scared to take many meds, because of all those side effects stated at the they can cause. I was thinking about starting practicing yoga. What do you think? Is anybody here who tried it? I'll also think about a spine roller as it seems a good device that might help.

Breast cancer: Innovative technology to check-NICE - 0 views

    The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence has recommended that surgeons working in hospitals with limited or no access to a radiopharmacy department could now use Magtrace and Sentimag as an option to locate sentinel lymph nodes in people with breast cancer. The recommendation in draft NICE medical technology guidance could see a change in NHS standard care for the first time in years. The technology could also mitigate the reliance on radioactive isotope tracers shipped in from outside Great Britain. The magnetic liquid tracer - Magtrace - is a non-radioactive dark brown liquid. It is both a magnetic marker and a visual dye. The Magtrace is injected into the tissue around a tumour. The particles are then absorbed into the lymphatic system, following the route that cancer cells are most likely to take when they spread from the primary tumour and become trapped in sentinel lymph nodes. The Sentimag probe moves over the skin emitting sounds of different pitches as it passes over the Magtrace tracer, in a similar way to a metal detector locating metal in the ground. The nodes often appear dark brown or black in colour, which also helps with identification.
Kevin Flynn

Experience Luxurious Balance Massage Therapy & Wellness Program in Buffalo - 0 views

    Balance Massage Therapy & Wellness program in Buffalo, NY 14203. Save Local Now offers an excellent massage therapies for relaxing tense muscles that relieve pain and aid sleep. Restore balance and harmony to your mind and body with Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Magnet Therapy and many more. Please select the service you are most interested in.
jacob logan

Magnetic hearing devices may interfere with shunt systems, says FDA - 1 views

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a statement warning healthcare providers about potential complications in patients fitted with both programmable cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shunt systems and certain magnetic hearing devices.

Power Wheelchair Manufactures - 0 views

    Power wheelchairs are the perfect choice for easily maneuvering indoors. A power chair plugs in for an overnight recharge, feature four or six wheels for stability and safety, and are adjustable for your riding comfort. Ability Center features quality brands of electric wheelchairs from Invacare, Kirshall and Permobil with styles, sizes, options, and wheelchair accessories to create a mobility device to meet your mobility and lifestyle needs. The power wheel chair is extremely reliable and offers a flexible approach to the customers. Our exclusive Power Wheelchairs are accessible to our clients, which are constructed using top-notch quality of raw material. Powered wheelchair helps in regaining the freedom. Our clients can avail a wide range of Power Wheel Chairs at a reasonable price. Travel more safely in your handicap van or wheelchair accessible vehicle with the right wheelchair. From small maneuverable wheelchairs that will fit in your apartment or home, to heavy duty power chairs with power seating, we can get you where you want to go. Because we also sell a full range of wheelchair vans and handicap accessible vehicles with lifts, we are able to insure compatibility between your mobility equipment and accessible van conversion every time! Ask your Mobility Consultant for training and demonstration on properly securing your wheelchair. Specifications: 10 times longer life Lightest - 23 kg 5 year long life, safe LiFePO4 battery (10ah) High efficiency brushless hub motor 5 seconds folding and unfolding Easy to carry Load : 120 kg Speed : 8km/hr Range: 15 km Net Price: 136710 Features Adjustable height flip back and detachable arms Attractive carbon steel frame with silver vein finish Attractive sling style seating Comes standard with seat belt, seat cushion with pouch, swing-away footrest Comes with batteries Foldable, lightweight frame makes portability and transportation easy and convenient Folding battery tray Front 8"

Affirmations for #Money and #Wealth | Money Manifest | Money Magnet( Play while sleeping) - YouTube - 0 views

    Affirmations work wonders. They calm your body, release stress and give you large doses of confidence and happiness. Especially positive affirmations first thing in the morning! The power of affirmations will blow your mind away. Affirmations, when done right, can bring peace and quiet and clarity to the most stressed mind and the most anxious heart. Welcome to MAGICAL BLESSINGS We are creating soothing meditation music, mantra chants, affirmations and other important resources for meditation, relaxation, and sleep and healing.
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