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Chair For Cerebral Palsy Child - 0 views

    Cerebral palsy-also known as CP-is a condition caused by injury to the parts of the brain that control our ability to use our muscles and bodies. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means weakness or problems with using the muscles. Often the injury happens before birth, sometimes during delivery, or soon after being born. Physical symptoms typically appear in the first few years of life. Cerebral Palsy are frequently slow to reach developmental milestones such as learning to roll over, sit, crawl, smile, or walk. Cerebral Palsy occurs in 1 in every 300 children (Source: Center for Disease Control). CP can be mild, moderate, or severe. Mild CP may mean a child is clumsy. Moderate CP may mean the child walks with a limp. He or she may need a special leg brace or a cane. More severe CP can affect all parts of a child's physical abilities.Child with moderate or severe CP may have to use a wheelchair and other special equipment. Children with CP can also have learning problems, speech, problems with hearing or seeing (called sensory problems), intellectual differences, and behavioral or emotional challenges. Cerebral palsy does not always cause serious disabilities. Usually, the greater the injury to the brain, the more severe the CP. However, CP doesn't get worse over time, and most children with CP have a normal life span. Wheelchair Pediatric Pediatric Wheelchairs we offer are designed specifically for a wide range of children. All pediatric wheelchair can be configured with many accessories to meet your specific needs. Comfortable, sporty, and reliable.This is an ideal system for pediatric patients who require multiple tilt angles for pressure relief, digestion and fixed seat positions. Pediatric Chairs divided into three major categories.Pediatric Chairs isn't an official thing, but it helped me when I was comparing various models. The main categories are standard, tilt, and stroller-style. I suggest checking them all out to
    Reclining Wheelchairs are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recline at incremental angles safely and comfortably. Typically used for accommodation of severe hip extension contractures, or thostatic hypotension, and pressure re-distribution for prevention of skin breakdown. Recliner Wheelchairs work better with Elevating Legrests (ELRs); the user's legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort and health benefits. The "ELRs" are optional on some models and standard on others. Be sure to ask about which type of ELR is best suitable for seating and position needs. On some wheelchairs this is an option so be sure to check the options and accessories when purchasing. Reclining Back Wheelchair( bed cum wheelchair ) which are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. These wheel chairs are manufactured using high quality material to ensure high strength and durability. Wheelchairs are available in foldable frames and are capable for maximum weight. Reclining wheelchairs are available in standard folding frames with extended head supports and seat widths up to 24" wide. The recline mechanism is attendant operated with levers much like a bicycle brake lever. The levers operate hydraulic (pump) mechanisms for a smooth adjustment. Using this reclining mechanism, the chair Back can easily and frequently be positioned to any angle. Flexible Back Positioning: Reclining chairs offer unlimited Back re-positioning for more patient comfort, better blood circulation, and to aid in sleeping. Work best with ELRs: Recliner chairs need Elevating Legrest so the patients legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort. On some chairs this is an option so be sure to check the options and accessories section of each product page. Only the Back moves: On recliner wheelchairs the Back reclines but the seat bottom stays in-place. Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair: Frame Style : Fordable Frame Material : Aluminium (
Jogendra Singh

Acupressure Spine Roller - Su-j Helth (Acupressure-Health) - 1 views

    Acupressure Spine Roller : (Magnetic Deluxe) This device is useful for back pain, back discomfort, spine back and muscle fatigue, etc. Tone up of spinal nerves and revitalizes total body, removes stiffness. It can also be used as a body massager. Office employees may take use daily for 5 minutes to avoid unnecessary backache. Its deluxe shape specially designed for firm grip and full pressure.
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