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Carlo St. Juste Jr.

Body Mind Health: The Pineal Gland | Acupuncture Holistic MMA - 0 views

    An introduction into the pineal gland the hormone it generates called melatonin. One of the links to the mind-body connection, this is a small gland with important functions that ties use to this earth.

HayMax wins 2023 'Global 100' awards | UK News - 0 views

    HayMax, manufacturer of organic, drug-free allergen barrier balms for hay fever, dust, and pet allergies, has recently won the 2023 Global 100 awards. The HayMax balm, applied around nostril rims and eye bones, is an innovative allergen blocker against pollen, dust, and pet allergens entering the body. Independent university research confirms it traps over a third of pollen, along with dust mites and pet dander, before they enter the body, according to HayMax. The drug-free balm is Soil Association-certified organic, comprising 100 per cent natural ingredients. Safe for children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women, it holds the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark. This award has come as a complete surprise to us at HayMax," said HayMax MD, Max Wiseberg. "Being held in such high regard through this global recognition is truly delightful." "The Global 100 aims to offer readers insight into firms that excel in their chosen specialties, and the award underscores hard work and innovation of various companies," said its organisers.

Different Cornea Transplants At ISR - 1 views

    The portion at the forefront of an eye is known as cornea. It is the medium through which the light traverses directly into the eye. The cornea is responsible for almost two third of the total focusing power of a normal eye, even a tiny change in it may result in modification in the person's vision.
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