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Richard Turner

Jump Rope to Master the Art of Boxing Like Floyd Mayweather - 0 views

    Are you interested in mastering the art of skipping rope like, Floyd Mayweather? If yes, then try DynaPro Direct's jump rope designed with professional weight PVC cord, preferred by most of the boxers over a wire cable for the weight, speed, and control benefits.These speed ropes are lightweight, thin and spin easily, matching a boxer's rhythm and their movements in the ring. So, if you want to improve your balance, footwork and coordination, DynaPro Direct's jump ropes are perfect piece of workout equipment for you. Available in blue, green and pink variants at unbeatable prices. Also, check out effective boxing jump rope techniques to achieve success in the ring like, Floyd Mayweather.
Richard Turner

Master your Double Unders for CrossFit with DynaPro Direct's Jump Rope - 0 views

    CrossFit is the ultimate challenge for many fitness enthusiasts. Mastering the jump rope and double unders in particular will help a person to improve in all areas of CrossFit and get in excellent shape at the same time. Read the complete post here and find effective tricks and workout routines to dominate your next CrossFit WOD. Check out DynaPro Direct's professional grade jump ropes designed with adjustable PVC Cord and long aluminium handles, to help you get consistent double-unders for CrossFit.
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