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Dr. Elix

Gout - 0 views

  • When in pain, the immediate concern isn’t its cause, but how we will be relieved of the pain we are suffering from as quickly as possible. Whether it is knee pain, back pain, neck pain, hip pain and others like them which are brought about by gout, the major concern is to get rid of them without much stress. And nothing best relief pain than the Immediate Gout Pain Relief Expert Lotion by Dr. Elix designed to provide quick and long-lasting pain relief (just within 7 to 15 min max) and remove uric acid crystals for an authentic absolute comfort.
    When in pain, the immediate concern isn't its cause, but how we will be relieved of the pain we are suffering from as quickly as possible. Whether it is knee pain, back pain, neck pain, hip pain and others like them which are brought about by gout, the major concern is to get rid of them without much stress. And nothing best relief pain than the Immediate Gout Pain Relief Expert Lotion by Dr. Elix designed to provide quick and long-lasting pain relief (just within 7 to 15 min max) and remove uric acid crystals for an authentic absolute comfort.

Relieve your pain with TENs devices. Is it the best choice? - 1 views

I don't recommend Tens devices for the patient. Nowadays, no evidence exists to have benefits to relief the pain. Better be treated by a physiotherapist or osteopath. https://www.purafisioterapia...

Back Pain Relief TENs PEMF Chronic Pain


Wrist and Forearm Splints Causes and Recovery Period | Health | Article Point - 0 views

    Wrist and forearm splints may be suggested for people with weak wrists or for those that have been previously injured, for tendonitis wrist support and even as a preventative for those who awaken in the morning with pain or numbness after sleeping on their hands at night. The best orthopedic wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome, occupational stabilization and relief from the pain of wrist strains and sprains. This Right hand wrist and forearm splint from tynor is meant to be used among patients suffering from any injury or sprain in these regions. The splint is meant to provide controlled compression in various orthopaedic conditions. The splint immobilizes the area that helps in a speedier recovery. It has anatomical thumb opening that allows free movement of the thumb. It provides a lot of comfort and is easily breathable. Forearm splint is the term used to describe the forearm pain similarly the pain of lower leg over the shin is known as shin splints. Forearm splint describes the painful disease of elbow or wrist joint. Continuous pain in forearm is often caused by tendonitis, joint injury or hairline fracture of forearm bones (proximal radius or ulna near elbow joint). Overstretching of the elbow joint often causes forearm injury. Symptoms consist of a dull pain in the forearm. Pain is minor initially but increases as activity continues. Often pin-pointed to the dorsal or back of the hand side of the forearm, mid-way between the wrist and elbow. The patient may experience weakness in the wrist extensor muscles and tenderness deep in the forearm. Pain may be reproduced by attempting to bend the wrist backwards against resistance. They provided wrist splints are used in different medical institutions and hospitals for management of hand fractures. Our offered wrist splints are manufactured by skilled professionals using optimum quality basic material and advanced technology as per the set norms of market. As well, these wrist splints can be availed in v

Panadol campaign:Celebrate the moment when release from pain - 0 views

    Panadol launched a new purpose-led brand idea as part of a multi-channel campaign across Great Britain and Ireland. With nine out of 10 people suffering "everyday pain" and 65% of people saying they can't be happy when they are in pain[1], globally, the campaign reiterates the brand's commitment to holistic pain management by focusing on the acute pain recovery journey. Rooted in deep consumer understanding, the campaign idea celebrates that never-talked-about moment of realisation when you start to feel the release from pain. The new brand idea will bring to life the emotional transformation that those suffering from acute pain undergo, emphasising the role that Panadol can play in alleviating their pain. The Panadol campaign follows a period of strong sales growth for the brand, outperforming the category's own expansion by more than double[2]. This has been driven by shoppers who are searching for fast and effective pain relief products, such as Panadol's hero variants, including Panadol Extra Advance Tablets (paracetamol, caffeine), which has seen its growth almost doubled[3], as well as Panadol Advance Tablets (paracetamol) and Panadol Extra Advance Tablets. Monica Michalopoulou, GBI Marketing Director, said: "After two years of pandemic restrictions, now more than ever, people want to get back to their normal lives and to the people they love. But with pain preventing many of us from connecting with those we love or from doing the things we enjoy the most, we want to help consumers by understanding their pain journey and reassuring them on the treatments we can provide. This "Release" moment is so important for pain sufferers, and we hope our new brand campaign can shine a light on the role that Panadol can play in pain relief".

Erase My Backpain Stretch Review - 0 views

    Erase My Back pain Stretch Emily Lark Is Erase My Back Pain Scam? Emily's back to life erase my back pain is for those who have back pain issues like sciatica, general back stiffness, mechanical back pain. It contains flow sequence and herbs that you can use to erase your back pain from the comfort of your home. This is a knowledgable solution as it treats the back pain from outside with exercises and herbs that will heal the back pain from the inside. While chiropractor are expensive, surgery has a mixed result and leaving the back pain with the hope that it will get better will make the matter worse and could start to affect other parts of the link for more
Carlo St. Juste Jr.

Five Tips to Help Knock Out Your Back Pain | Acupuncture Holistic MMA - 0 views

    Here are some tips that may help you relieve your back pain. Back and neck pain affect over 30 percent of Americans.

Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb - 0 views

    Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb Applications Wrist and Thumb injuries. Injuries of the metacarpal. Early cast removal. Fracture management. Post-surgical protection and rehabilitation. Management of arthritic conditions of the wrist. Bursitis, Tendonitis, Tensosynovitis. Psychological assurance. Post extensor tendon repair surgery. Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb Features Customizable Splints. Anatomical thumb abduction. Fits both left and right hand. Lace pull mechanism for easy application. Pleasing aesthetics. Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb Measurements Measure circumference at a distance 6" from the wrist along the arm
Everyday Medical

How to Prevent Lumbar Back Pain? - 0 views

    Having a healthy diet and sleeping on a flat surface in a supine position can help to cure lumbar back pain. Know the preventive measures of lumbar back pain in detail.
AMVital Nutrition

Turmeric for Back Pain: A Good & Natural Treatment - AMVital - 0 views

    About 540 million people worldwide are affected by back pain at any time. It is predicted that 4 in 10 office workers will undergo lower back pain inflammation. Current non-surgical treatments for back pain conditions are neither effective nor safe. As a non-toxic natural product, curcumin in turmeric has a premium anti-inflammatory profile that reduces back pain and inflammation. Radicular back pain is one of the common causes of lower back pain. Researchers observed that curcumin alleviates radiculopathy.

The Back Pain SOS - 1 views

Back Pain SOS aims in helping people in getting rid of their back pain problems. They believe that they can help you in any type of back pain even if you have this pain for a long time. It means t...

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Joint Pain: Giving the right support in pharmacy - 0 views

    During the coronavirus pandemic many people found themselves working from home, and this has continued to some extent in many businesses. A change in working environment can bring challenges, one of which can be joint pain and discomfort. Imagine you have gone from a busy office environment, meeting in boardrooms and visiting the canteen for a coffee, to working at home on your dining room table, walking several feet to get a cup of tea and sitting back down again, this change in surroundings can have an impact on your joints. Community pharmacists can be a source of knowledge to help individuals that may be suffering from joint complaints, this may be from the above scenario or just general aches and pains that come from an office based role. Firstly, it's important for us to know the effects of sitting down at a desk all day (not a scenario I'm sure many community pharmacists experience daily): Back pain - is one of the most common complaints. This can be caused by bad posture while sitting too high, too low, or hunched over. While this may present as just a soreness or discomfort, if not rectified and/or accessed this can lead to some serious health issues such as spinal compression, sciatica or spinal stenosis.
Everyday Medical

Pain Relieving Pilates Exercises for Sciatica - 0 views

    Certain sciatica exercises can provide relief for some people experiencing sciatica-related pain. Have a look at some sciatica pain relief stretches and reduce the pain.

What Causes Lower Back Pain In Females? For All Age Group - 0 views

    Lower back pain is a common experience for women of all ages, but the specific causes can differ depending on life stage.By understanding the potential causes of Lower Back Pain at different stages of life, women can make informed decisions about their health and seek appropriate care to manage this common yet complex issue. Here's a breakdown of potential culprits throughout their lifespan: Adolescence and Young Adulthood (12-30 years): Muscle strain and overuse: Repetitive activities like sports, heavy lifting, or poor posture can strain back muscles and ligaments. Menstrual pain: Cramping and inflammation associated with periods can radiate to the lower back. Scoliosis: An abnormal curvature of the spine can contribute to back pain, though often asymptomatic in mild cases. Menopause and Beyond (50+ years): Arthritis: Degenerative joint diseases like osteoarthritis can affect the spine, leading to pain and stiffness. Vertebral fractures: Weakened bones are more susceptible to fractures with falls or minor impacts. Spinal stenosis: Narrowing of the spinal canal can compress nerves, causing pain, numbness, and weakness in the legs.
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Where Back Pain Begins Explained by Pain Management Doctors - 1 views

    Back pain can occur due to various conditions like outer walls of the Vertebral Discs may weaken or when the discs' soft centers push through the outer edges of the disc walls. This pain can radiate down to both legs. Know how you can manage the back pain with experts at Advanced Pain Medical Group.

Why Not Join Those Who Are Now Experiencing Pain Relief? - 0 views

    For those of you who are experiencing back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain, why not joint those who are now experiencing pain relief? Pain relief can happen in several ways for these types of pain and you can use one of the following techniques to relieve your pain.

NHS Staff Absences: Labour & Nuffield Health Partnership Targets Joint Pain - 0 views

    "Record long NHS waits are forcing huge numbers of people out of work, including doctors and nurses," said Wes Streeting MP, Labour's Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary as Labour announced a new partnership with Nuffield Health today to tackle joint pain issues among NHS staff and reducing waiting lists. Musculoskeletal problems, including back, knee, hip, and neck pain, are the second leading cause of NHS staff absences, surpassed only by mental health issues. In December 2023 alone, NHS workers missed a record 198,000 days due to these issues, marking a 13 per cent increase from the 174,000 days recorded in December 2019. Nurses and health visitors accounted for 52,000 of these days, up from 47,000 pre-pandemic, while doctors took 3,500 days off, a 9 per cent increase from 2019. The partnership with Nuffield Health will provide up to 4,000 extra places for NHS staff in Nuffield Health's Joint Pain Programme at no cost.

The Desk Workers Guide: How to Prevent Back Pain - 2 views

    Are you suffering from back pain? Do you know what is the common cause of back pain? To know some helpful tips to prevent back pain read this full article.
    Most people fall victim to the perils of annoying back pain at some point in their life. Read this full article to know all tips to Prevent back pain.

Health, Yoga and Fitness at Home : How to reduce chronic pain - 0 views

    We are going to be talking about how to reduce chronic pain. I was reading, over 80% of people at some point will struggle with chronic low back pain, and a number of people that at some are going to struggle with pain in their life.
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