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Louis Hodges

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started by Louis Hodges on 27 May 12
  • Louis Hodges
    The shoes were the basis for one of the numerous promotional campaigns that the Chicago Bulls guard participated in during the summer. In this particular advertisement, Rose teamed with actor Ken Jeong, of "The Hangover" fame, and Dwight Howard earlier this summer to create several promos which have begun to circulate on the Internet.

    "It was fun, man," RoseAdidas Rose shoes, rose adidas shoes, Paul Jordan shoes said of the shoot. "Just being with the actor, Ken Jeong. He's a good guy. The adidas staff, they're doing a great job with advertising the shoe, giving me updates about the commercials and everything. And everybody's been talking about [the commercial], so I guess it's pretty good."

    Rose noted that he didn't have a favorite commercial of his own, but he realizes just how powerful they can be.

    "I'm not really a big commercial fan like that," he said. "I don't need to look at a commercial all day, but some of them are funny. I love funny commercials."

    That's why it shouldn't come as any kind of surprise to see Rose in a lot more of them as the season rolls along.

    "I told you all that when I was gone all them times, I wasn't here in the city, that you were going to be seeing my face a lot on TV," he said. "And right now my face is all over the television. It's a blessing."

    Nike designer apologizes for saying injured Derrick Rose, an adidas man, 'chose poorly'
    After Derrick Rose suffered a season-ending ACL tear during the Chicago Bulls' 103-91 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series on Saturday afternoon, the reaction of NBA fans, media members and fellow players alike consisted largely of shock and sorrow. A bummed-out legion began to wrap its mind around the enormity of the 2011 NBA MVP's injury and what it means for the top-seeded Bulls' title hopes and, potentially, the career arc of one of the league's brightest young superstars.
    I say "largely" because the reaction also contained stuff like this, from the Twitter account of Jason Petrie, a "senior footwear designer at Nike," according to LinkedIn, and the designer of the popular Nike basketball sneakers worn and endorsed by Miami Heat star LeBron James

    Adidas pulled out all the stops for Derrick Rose's new shoes, the adidas adiZero Rose 2.

    After taking home the NBA MVP and spearheading a league-leading 62 win season for the Chicago Bulls, Rose was rightfully rewarded with a very special pair of kicks to adorn his feet.

    While we'll still have to wait before we're able to witness Rose tearing up the hardwood against NBA-caliber talent, Bulls fans can rest easy knowing that one of their MVP's most valuable assets-his feet-will be well protected when the NBA lockout

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