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Pat Wagner

IS 339 Presents Dot-to-Dot, a Global Learning Reception - 0 views

shared by Pat Wagner on 25 May 09 - Cached
    Dot-to-Dot will be hosted by IS 339 on June 9, 2009." /> This is a cached version of has no relation to the site.x   0
Rob Reynolds

Google Sites - Copy Site - Import Personal Site to Google Apps ( - 0 views

    Move or transfer sites from apps to google or the other way around.
    Handy instructions to show how students can move their sites to google account when leaving school.
Dennis OConnor

Googlios - 67 views

  • Welcome to "Googlios" where free Google tools meet ePortfolios.   This site is intended to be a collection of resources for those interested in using ePortfolios in Education.  Watch the 2 minute Intro video here
    Many of the participants in the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program use Google Sites to create their e-portfolios.  The portfolios are created and used throughout the program. During the practicum, when students become teachers by teaching in one of our graduate classes, they also refine and polish their portfolios. Ultimately the online portfolio becomes a job search tool that helps our graduates show a potential employer what they know. 
Tami Brass

57 Useful Google Tools You've Never Heard Of | College@Home - 2 views

  • Reader: Reader is a Web-based news aggregator
  • iGoogle: Create a custom designed home page with iGoogle.
  • Picasa: This Google program makes it easy to manage your photos online and off.
  • ...57 more annotations...
  • Docs: You no longer need desktop publishing applications installed on your computer to type out documents or create spreadsheets, you can do it entirely online with Google.
  • Notebook: Research can be easier with this Web clipping application from Google.
  • Desktop: Make it easy to find everything on your desktop with this application from Google.
  • Ride Finder: Hook up with taxi, limousine and shuttle services through this search tool which uses GPS data from vehicles in 14 US cities.
  • Transit: Those taking public transportation will appreciate this mapping tool which helps users to plan a trip via the local public transportation options by using Google Maps.
  • Mars:
  • Users can see the elevation, infrared data and photos of Mars through the site.
  • It provides easy access to images from the Hubble telescope through the Space Telescope Science Institute, allowing users to look through planets, stars, galaxies, satellites and more.
  • Sky: T
  • uses satellite imagery and mapping technology to allow you to find and see any location in the world through an attractive and easy to use interface.
  • SketchUp: SketchUp is a simple but effective 3D drawing tool designed for both Macs and PCs that can be a handy tool
  • Checkout: Designed to simplifying the process of paying for things online,
  • Web Accelerator: Make webpages load a little faster by making use of this tool. It uses data compression, prefetching of content, and shared cached data to make even slow Internet connections less painful to use.
  • FeedBurner:
  • manage a variety of RSS feeds
  • Web History:
  • Base: This tool from Google is an online database in which any user can add content– text, images, documents and webpages.
  • Co-Op: Co-Op allows web developers to feature specialized information in Google searches
  • App Engine: Developers can build and host websites on Google servers using this tool.
  • Website Optimizer:
  • Browser Sync:
  • Click-to-Call:
  • Page Creator:
  • Orkut: This social networking service used to be invitation only, but since 2006 has been open for anyone to join.
  • Android: Android is an open source mobile phone platform
  • Send to Phone: Send yourself a message from the Web with this tool.
  • Shared Stuff: Google offers this free Web page sharing system that allows users to save and share pages they find interesting on the Web with others.
  • Talk: You may have heard of Google Talk but did you know that it’s not only a chat tool but can be used for VoIP conversations as well?
  • Dodgeball: This social networking site was created for use on mobile phones
  • Friend Connect: This new feature offered by Google allows users to easily add social networking functionality to their sites.
  • GrandCentral: GrandCentral is a VoIP service that allows customers to link several phone numbers.
  • Sites: Create and collaborate on shared webSites with this tool from Google.
  • Scholar: Google Scholar provides a great way to search through the full text of scholarly literature from all fields and formats.
  • Patent Search:
  • allows you to enter a few items of a set into a search query and the site will try to predict other items in the set.
  • Sets:
  • Catalogs:
  • Search by Number:
  • Accessible Search:
  • Trends: Get easy to read graphs of Web trends over time with this tool.
  • Book Search: Formerly known as Google Print,
  • News Archive Search:
  • Special Searches:
  • Google Pack:
  • Gadgets:
  • Pinyin IME:
  • Image Labeler:
  • Code Search:
  • Alerts:
  • Apps:
  • GOOG-411:
  • Google Moblizer:
  • Gears:
  • Simply Google: This site provides access to all of Google’s specialized searches in one easy-to-use place.
  • Googlematic: With this helpful tool, you’ll be able to search Google using AIM or MSN Messenge
  • Cooking With Google:
  • Babelplex:
    What most people don't know, however, is just how many useful tools Google has out there than can make everything from tracking a package to creating and publishing webpages a breeze.
Fred Delventhal

Real World Math - 0 views

    Within this site you will find lesson ideas, examples, and downloads for mathematics that embrace active learning, constructivism, and project-based learning while remaining true to the standards. The initial focus will be for grades 5 and up, but teachers of younger students may be able to find some uses or inspiration from the site. Higher level thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, and creativity are encouraged as well as technology skills and social learning. The scope of this site is mathematics, but many lessons lend themselves to interdisciplinary activities also.
Jim Birchfield

Step-by-Step Guides (Unofficial Google Sites Help) - 1 views

    Step by step guides for common actions in Google Sites. Has advertisements.
Megan Black

google-sites-liberation - Import / Export of Google sites Data - Google Project Hosting - 10 views

    You can create a backup of your google site with this handy tool that is easy to use.
Kurt Paccio

47 Page Guide to Google Sites for Teachers - 47 views

    Google Sites for Teachers
Sharon Elin

Google Docs wiki & tutorial - 1 views

    khokanson is revising this workshop site if you are teaching google tools & want to collaborate gmail me -
Neil O'Sullivan

Recapping the Google Sites webinar - Docs Blog - 25 views

    Recapping the Google Sites webinar
Raul Babolea

How to embed voki in Google Sites - olgalaplante - 43 views

    Voki in a google site
Raul Babolea

Embedding a group into Google Sites (new UI) - Google Groups Help - 38 views

    How to embed a Google Group into a Google Site
    How to embed a Google Group into a Google Site
Pavlína Hublová

Van Meter Library Voice: Google Site Portfolios.....Our 5th Graders Have A New Place To Share Their Learning, Creating, and Voice - 27 views

    Google sites jako elektronické portfolio.
Pavlína Hublová

Google Sites: Embedding Twitter Timeline (updated) - 23 views

    Jak vložit widget z Twitteru do Google Sites
Dilip Barad

Google Sites for Blended Learning - 1 views

Have a look at this google site for project on Blended learning:

blended learning google sites dilip barad bhavnagar university

started by Dilip Barad on 27 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
Rob Reynolds

Anonymous comments - Google Sites Help - 1 views

    How to set up a Google Sites page with anonymous commenting feature using Java Script.
Michelle Krill

Googlios - 43 views

    "Welcome to "Googlios" where free Google tools meet ePortfolios. This site is intended to be a collection of resources for those interested in using ePortfolios in Education. "
Rob Reynolds

Chrome Extension for student research tool - 22 views

    Apture Highlights is a free tool, built from the ground up to let you take the power of Google search, and the richness YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Wikipedia with you to any site. Just highlight a phrase on any site to reveal the web's best content without ever leaving the page. Fast, powerful, and fun.
Sheri Edwards

Home (ePortfolios with GoogleApps) - 72 views

  • focus on the use of Google Apps to create ePortfolios. On this site, there are instructions on how to use the different elements of Google Apps to maintain e-portfolios
    Great resource for e Portfolios with Google Apps sites/docs
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