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Kasey Bell

Google Hangouts - 14 views

    The new Google Hangouts home page.
Maryann Angeroth

Hangouts On Air common questions - Google+ Help - 11 views

    Get started with Hangouts on air with this user guide.
Pavlína Hublová

Google Hangouts Guide for Teachers - 26 views

    "Google Hangouts is Google's free video-conferencing tool that is available for teachers to use as part of Google Apps for Education."
Maryann Angeroth

Live Hangout Schedule - EducationOnAir - 20 views

    "Over 110 sessions. Over 60 presenters. 13 categories. 3 languages. Which Hangouts will you attend?"
Maryann Angeroth

Google Announces 100 Live Hangouts For Teachers Around The World | Edudemic - 34 views

    Celebrating World Teachers' Day with Google Hangouts.
Lucy Gray

#OurEarth: Innovation in Exploration Hangout - Google+ - 6 views

    Good example of a Hangout on Air
Janice Poston

How To Host A Google+ Hangout With Your Students - Edudemic - 0 views

    "It's easy to see how a free tool that connects you to your students can be helpful. But Google+ is not something you simply pick up and assume everyone knows how to use. In fact, I'd recommend making sure everyone you want to speak with actually has an account first!"
Maryann Angeroth

Past Recordings - EducationOnAir - 9 views

    Google Education on air; live and archived Google Hangouts. 
Pavlína Hublová

Scoot and Doodle- A Good Collaborative Learning Platform for Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning - 23 views

    Rozšíření pro Google Hangouts - sdílené kreslení, náčrty, tvorba příběhů apod.
Maryann Angeroth

Google Educast #100: 100 Massive Googley Tips for Educators - EdReach - 22 views

    "Join us for our 100th Episode Spectacular! After Google On Air Hangouts spectacularly fails- we make do and share a whopping 100 Google tips for educators that you will not want to miss! "
Jeffrey Mason

Live Hangout Schedule - EducationOnAir - 1 views

    a list of all the sessions in the Education On Air series for 2013.  Check back periodically for new sessions.
Maryann Angeroth

Learning Communities - Google Apps for Education: a digital learning ecosystem - 12 views

    Creating and online environment with Google Apps
David McGavock

Google Plus Best Practices | Social Media Today - 17 views

  • Here are the 10 top mistakes on Google+. 
  • Set up a business page if you using Google+ for your company.
  • include your business keywords in your tagline and introduction.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • nclude all your other social site links.
  • Include your website, and location
  • get creative and make your cover image something to talk about.
  • generate Circles for in-store customers; online customers; partners; industry leaders; business friends; coworkers; etc.
  • Make sure you use them. And then, make sure you use them well.
  • Write targeted updates to send out to targeted groups
  • Using Circles can extend the life of your updates (and blog posts), and can your them to resonate better with each of your segmented connections.
  • Don’t post your update to them AND send them an email to notify those in your Circle about your recent post:
  • The email option lets you make sure an important post will reach the Circles you need it to (like to customers, if you’re posting about a social contest marketing campaign, for example).
  • But don’t overuse this function! It’s particularly annoying if your Circles have not asked you for continual updates! It’s spam.
  • People do not like to hangout with people who only talk about themselves.
  • 80% of your posts should be about lifestyle, customers and stuff other than you; 20% should be about you and your products.
  • Another big no-no is not addressing negative comments on your posts. Bad comments will happen. It’s an open forum, and not everyone is going to agree with you, or even like what you do.
  • judge how to respond to comments on your updates.
  • If it’s an inappropriate comment - delete it, but I’d try to tell the commenter first - not doing so can lead to even more PR problems for you...)
  • Find communities that suit your business niche, and join them.
  • join a few business-related ones - start to network, and you never really know where those connections will lead you.
  • Engage, share others’ posts, comment. Treat Communities like a networking breakfast, or trade show. These can be your customers! Give them respect and interest, and they will likely reciprocate!
  • Do not post a link - and not include at least a brief comment!
  • Make sure your product pages, blog post pages, website and other other relevant landing pages have an easy to click G +1 button!
    Good tips for using google+
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