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Kasey Bell

G Suite Technology Curriculum - 31 views

    "Video-based lessons for grades 7 - 12 This course uses instructional videos and creative projects to teach students how to use G Suite applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides."
Kasey Bell

G Suite for Special Education | Google Teacher Tribe Podcast Episode 4 with Carrie Baughcum | Shake Up Learning - 6 views

    "In this episode, Matt and I interview Carrie Baughcum, a special education teacher from Illinois, who share her favorite Google tips, how she gamifies her class-Star Wars style, and a fabulous lesson plan! We also have some Google news and updates to share, and some great resources from our blogs. "
Kasey Bell

How to Design Google PD That Works! | Shake Up Learning - 16 views

    "I have delivered hundreds of hours of professional learning over the last ten years or so, and a vast portion of those sessions have focused on using Google tools in the classroom. I've learned a lot of lessons as a Google trainer, A LOT! So to help other trainers, I put together a framework for Google PD that I hope others will benefit from. I'm sharing the order that I teach G Suite apps as well as sharing free resources and tips along the way. Of course, every teacher/trainer is different, with a different personality and different strengths and weaknesses; and every group of participants varies as well."
Aaron Davis

eLearn Updates (December 2017) - 8 views

    A collection of updates and resources associated with G Suite.
David McGavock

Google Plus Best Practices | Social Media Today - 17 views

  • Here are the 10 top mistakes on Google+. 
  • Set up a business page if you using Google+ for your company.
  • include your business keywords in your tagline and introduction.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • nclude all your other social site links.
  • Include your website, and location
  • get creative and make your cover image something to talk about.
  • generate Circles for in-store customers; online customers; partners; industry leaders; business friends; coworkers; etc.
  • Make sure you use them. And then, make sure you use them well.
  • Write targeted updates to send out to targeted groups
  • Using Circles can extend the life of your updates (and blog posts), and can your them to resonate better with each of your segmented connections.
  • Don’t post your update to them AND send them an email to notify those in your Circle about your recent post:
  • The email option lets you make sure an important post will reach the Circles you need it to (like to customers, if you’re posting about a social contest marketing campaign, for example).
  • But don’t overuse this function! It’s particularly annoying if your Circles have not asked you for continual updates! It’s spam.
  • People do not like to hangout with people who only talk about themselves.
  • 80% of your posts should be about lifestyle, customers and stuff other than you; 20% should be about you and your products.
  • Another big no-no is not addressing negative comments on your posts. Bad comments will happen. It’s an open forum, and not everyone is going to agree with you, or even like what you do.
  • judge how to respond to comments on your updates.
  • If it’s an inappropriate comment - delete it, but I’d try to tell the commenter first - not doing so can lead to even more PR problems for you...)
  • Find communities that suit your business niche, and join them.
  • join a few business-related ones - start to network, and you never really know where those connections will lead you.
  • Engage, share others’ posts, comment. Treat Communities like a networking breakfast, or trade show. These can be your customers! Give them respect and interest, and they will likely reciprocate!
  • Do not post a link - and not include at least a brief comment!
  • Make sure your product pages, blog post pages, website and other other relevant landing pages have an easy to click G +1 button!
    Good tips for using google+
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