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Michael J

Exclusive Interview with Volary: "Will over Tragedy" - 2 views

    Let's enter the world of Volary. Volary is an amazing Australian born singer/songwriter that currently resides in San Francisco, CA.

    As a recent victum of breast cancer, Volary fought through adversity and is winning the war. Listen to this woman's incredible story and hear some incredible music from her brand new album, "Out of Shadows".

    Read my review and listen to my exclusive interview on All Indie Magazine at:

    If you are viewing this on your smart phone and you want to download on your MAC or PC or on your mobile device, download it here:

    News Update and Press Release:

    "Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Albert James
    "Alan" Freed will be honored with the title of, "Alan Freed Award".

    This special recognition will be presented to the winner of the Artist of the Year award at the 2012 All Indie Music Awards that will
    take place in February of 2012 at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles.

    The host and creator of The Great Unknowns Presents and All Indie Magazine, Mikey Jayy, will pay a special tribute to the legend that will kick off the live event in honor of his accomplishments during
    the 1950's. Freed will be honored not only as a radio disc-jockey and promoter of Rhythm and Blues, but as the "father of Rock and Roll".

    Alan Freed was the pioneer of independent music and helped pave the way for future music artists. Freed helped bridge the gap between African-American music and mainstream music, which was
    predominately all white artists.

    The 2012 All Indie Music Awards will be a two-and-a-half hour show dedicated to music genres in multiple categories represented around the world to give recognition with a prestige music award. This new award show will host a red carpet event and a variety of live acts by award
Michael J

Presenting the alluring Electro Folk Rock sounds of "IN THE CINEMA" - 1 views

    In the Cinema brings an artful sound never heard before. Not to mention, their unique music style is nearly impossible to compare with other artists. This sort of quality is what most artists strive to achieve. Many artists accomplish this task, but they do not produce the kind of quality music that people enjoy over and over. Where other artists have failed, the brother duo, Ryan and Joe Hughes have succeeded by doing what others only dream of. Ryan and Joe have taken the traditional art of folk music, combined it with modern rock and tied it with an electronica sensibility to create, In the Cinema.

    Listen to music from their 2010 debut album, For the Struggle with a special appearance by the band, here at:

    Read an exclusive interview with Ryan and Joe at:
Michael J

Presenting Nobody Gets Killed: Alternative Rock / Pop Artist of the Week - 0 views

    Listen to this weeks featured alternative rock artist of the week. If you like Radiohead or Secondhand Serenade, you'll love, Nobody Gets Killed.

    From the first 30 seconds, you will be hooked and will want to listen to every song front to back. This awesome band from Anahiem, CA is less than a year old, but created beautiful music like they've been doing it for years, check out this 4-track preview:

    Read my exclusive interview with Mo and Michael of the band right here:
Michael J

Presenting Marina V: You Make Me Feel Beautiful - 0 views

    If you enjoy a Lilith Fair, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, and Norah Jones type of artist, you will absolutely love this 4-track preview by Marina V. Not only will you hear great music from her newest album entitled, MY STAR, Marina also makes a special guest appearance on this show.


    Read my featured interview with Marina V herself only at:
Michael J

Introducing rocks best new and unheard talents: Forewalls - 0 views

    Listen to runner up band from Mt. SAC's 1st Annual Battle of the Bands. They surpassed 14 other bands to finish in the 2nd spot. This says a lot about how good a band that has only been together for five months.

    Personally, I was disappointed they didn't win the BOTB event. Talent scouts were more interested in FOREWALLS than any other performer.

    Listen to an exclusive 4-track preview with a special guest appearence with the band, right here:

    Read my exclusive interview with the band:

    Thanks for checking out this weeks episode.

    Follow The Great Unknowns Presents at
Michael J

Everybody Needs Love: Music by Mika Cole - 0 views

    Mika Cole is a natural talent. Her voice is very compelling, sweet,
    soft, and a voice that deserves mainstream recognition and attention.
    Her talent is not only restricted to her voice either. She is well
    diverse in art of piano, guitar, violin, flute, congas, and she writes
    her own music and lyrics. Mika's seductive voice resembles closely
    with the big voice of Toni Braxton and Christina Aguilera.

    To listen, go to

    Read my exclusive interview with Mika on
Michael J

Strong voice and Graceful Presence: Introducing Lindsay Aline - 0 views

    Check out this weeks artist spotlight with music from a gifted contemporary pop artist, Lindsay Aline from San Francisco, CA. She is so talented, her voice will absolutely amaze you.

    Radio show, Episode 54:
    Featured Interview

    This full length album is a track filled showcase of Aline's tremendous vocal talent and her ability as a seasoned pianist. The flagship of the Illusion CD is by far, "Reach". The modern style melodies absolutely compliments Aline's powerful and emotionally charged voice which is no less than phenominal. The story of the song is an abstract tale about the struggle that comes with finding the love of her life and maintaining that spark that drew them together.
Michael J

Move over Jonas Bros. Green Day who? Here comes Debutaunts - 0 views

    Debutants is one of pop rock s newest discoveries that is working
    their way up from nothing to one of the best unheard talents since
    Green Day emerged. With the help of grammy-nominated Platnium record
    producer, Matt Goldman, they are poised to do just that.

    Need I say more? Listen to my newest episode and find out why they are
    the next big thing:

    Read the raw and honest truth. An in-depth interview with power pop
    rock sensation: Debutaunts
Michael J

From Ile de France, listen an interview with Robert Lauri - 0 views

    From his native country of France, Robert Lauri joins me in the studio to talk about his latest music releases from the CD s entitled, The Other Side of Robert Lauri, United Souls, C est Lui, J y Crois Encore, and of course you will hear music from his latest releases. Listen to the complete audio interview at
Michael J

Big Voice from a Small City: Music by Rena Wren - 2 views

    Rena Wren is a small town girl from Hot Springs, Arkansas with a big city voice that compares closely with big names like Taylor Swift, Jewel, Aimee Man, and Norah Jones. Listen to a special 4-track preview with a special guest appearence. Listen to Rena Wren and more great artists at
Michael J

The Status just released a new EP entitled, Lets be Honest - 0 views

    Power Pop Rock band, The Status released a new EP entitled, "Lets be Honest", their sophomore album to the 2008 hit, "So this is Progress". The EP is filled with the same light hearted catchy tunes that uplift and gratify the soul with songs of love, heartache, and taking chances.
    "This EP is merely a preview of what is to come," Ben Grant said.

    Listen at

    Read my exclusive interview at

Michael J

CrimsonFaced presented by The Great Unknowns Presents, Ep 43 - 0 views

    The first episode of 2010 goes to a well deserved Industrial rock artist. Self-produced, singer, songwriter, and composer Mike Trapp of CrimsonFaced earned this weeks spotlight for his kick-ass industrial and experimental type of music. He brings back a little of Nine in Nails with a twist of insane expression. Enjoy this 4-track preview.
Michael J

Joel Simpson presented by The Great Unknowns Presents, Ep 41 - 0 views

    Joel Simpson is this weeks spotlight not only for his ability to sing, but for his unique talent. He brings to music a combination of Folk, Rock, and Christian Rock into one without making the listener feel like he is preaching too heavily. Listen to this 5-track set at
Michael J

Rogue Sixx, A Conversation with Jason Rivers by Great Unknowns Music Exposé - 0 views

    After last years ground breaking success of the innovative electro-tech sounds of his last creation, Shadow Fax, Chemical Resort LP, Jason Rivers returned to the studio to work on this years new release with his breakout Rogue Sixx EP, called, Solid State. This one-man band has it all with electrifying sounds that will have you begging for more.
Michael J

US Troop Tribute, The Great Unknowns, Episode XIX - 0 views

    This episode is a mixture of inspirational music from various artists and calls from soldiers to say something to their friends and families at home and calls from people in the US to let the soldiers know we support them and wish them to come home safe. In honor of the troops, I hope you will listen.
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