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Verve Systems

Newsletter - Verve Systems - 2 views

    Fill up the below details to receive our quarterly e-mail newsletter which covers a diverse array of technology news, news of Verve Systems' activities, new projects developed, software development practices and professional focuses.
Henry Liebling

Rolf Jucker | Sustainability writings | Schreiben für die Zukunftsfähigkeit - 2 views

    a personal collection of writing from the ex-director of the Swiss ESD schools "Champion"
    Jan 2014 "Do we know what we are doing..." a free pdf file SOME VERY POWERFUL STUFF!
Lucy Gray

Explore Topics | TeachUNICEF - 4 views

    Lesson plans from UNICEF! Looks like a great resource.
Henry Liebling

Social learning towards a sustainable world (e-book) - Wageningen Acad - 4 views

    "This comprehensive volume - containing 27 chapters and contributions from six continents - presents and discusses key principles, perspectives, and practices of social learning in the context of sustainability."
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