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Moultrie Creek

Flickr: London Cemeteries - 0 views

    London has the pleasure of being host to the \'Magnificent Seven\' Victorian Cemeteries. They were sprawling, landscaped areas designed for the Victorians to meander around and view the dead.
    This pool is not only dedicated to the Magnificent Seven (listed below) but to other cemeteries also that had \'delusions of grandeur\' and ached to be part of that group.
Moultrie Creek

Flickr: Graves, Tombs And Cemeteries - 0 views

    Photographs of graveyards, cemeteries and all manner of interesting headstones and tombs.

    Acceptable images for the Group Pool:

    Headstones, churchyard views and scenes; graveyard tableaux, cemetery architecture, ancient burial sites and markers; ossarium, crypts, interesting memorials, ornate tombs, grave markers and sculptures; wildlife on and around graves and tombs; all are fine for this group.
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