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Michael Servetus Research

Michael Servetus Research - 0 views

    Hello, after 18 years of research on Michael Servetus ( genius from Renaissance, first European that described the pulmonary circulation, theologian and defender of Tolerance)we developed this website. . We tried it would be educative, academic, and also scholarly in some areas. We present a Genealogical study of his Jewish Converso heritage, chronology, study on the 10 new works & primary sources from documents we found. Also many links and resources that I will share here as soon as they are in English. Thanks for checking.

Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More - 0 views

    Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More is a blog that discusses general genealogical research techniques, with a focus on how to apply them to Jewish genealogy research.
Moultrie Creek

International Jewish Cemetery Project - 1 views

    Welcome from the IAJGS -- the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. The IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project mission is to catalogue every Jewish burial site throughout the world.
Moultrie Creek

LibriVox » From Plotzk to Boston by Mary Antin - 0 views

    An intensely personal account of the immigration experience as related by a young Jewish girl from Plotzk (a town in the government of Vitebsk, Russia). Mary Antin, with her mother, sisters, and brother, set out from Plotzk in 1894 to join their father, who had journeyed to the "Promised Land" of America three years before. Fourth class railroad cars packed to suffocation, corrupt crossing guards, luggage and persons crudely "disinfected" by German officials who feared the cholera, locked "quarantine" portside, and, finally, the steamer voyage and a famiily reunited. For anyone who has ever wondered what it was like for their grandparents or great grandparents to emmigrate from Europe to the United States last century, this is a fascinating narrative. Mary Antin went on to become an immigration rights activist. She also wrote an autobiography, The Promised Land, published in 1912, which detailed her assimilation into American culture. (Summary by Sue Anderson)
Moultrie Creek

Tracing the Tribe: Washington: updated guide for researchers - 0 views

  • If you are planning on conducting any research in the Washington D.C. area, this is one guide you'll need.

    The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington has published the newly updated and expanded fourth edition of "Capital Collections: Resources for Jewish Genealogical Research in the Washington, DC Area".

    Resources, phone numbers, Web sites and security information have been updated. New sites have been added, along with a public transportation section and a DC Metro map.

    HINT: Do not bring any sort of drink down to the Metro platforms; you risk a fine. On my last trip, a friendly passerby advised me to ditch the iced tea before taking the escalator. At the bottom was an official waiting for unsuspecting travelers. I don't know if this tip, common knowledge for residents, is in the book, but it would help visitors.

    The 103-page guide includes the following sections and resources: Getting around the DC Metro Area; National Archives and Records Administration; NARA Archives II at College Park, Maryland; The Library of Congress; The US Holocaust Memorial Museum; National Museum of American Jewish Military History; Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Library; Family History Centers; National Library of Medicine; House of the Temple Library and Museum; Washington, DC (includes DC city archives & courts); Maryland (inclding special sections on Baltimore and Anapolis); Virginia (including Northern VA and Richmond); Synagogues in the Washington area; Cemeteries in the Washington area and the Synagogues & Burial Societies using them; Cemeteries in the Baltimore area and the Synagogues & Burial Societies using them.

    This book is a must for individual genealogists and genealogy society libraries. Single copies are $18 + $5 S&H, though Jewish genealogical libraries may purchase them for $12. To order, send checks to the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc., P.O. Box 31122, Bethesda MD 20824, Att: Capital Collections

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