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Xazel Crowney

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started by Xazel Crowney on 28 Apr 14
  • Xazel Crowney
    A follow-up to ask about the diet (body type) and that the gland by the body active and that there is a doctor in the women's forum commends him and that he is the healthiest and fastest, was surprised informing new and exotic and disguised somewhat by the fact that my thyroid may control the speed or slow the burn.

    Unfortunately, I searched for this accursed in the net, u (in search of credibility and reliable sources), but I failed
    Google, reducing the researched and found the usual one subject engrossed in all forums and interpreter translated Google with some improvements. Just One Click

    Features of this accursed text and move it:
    4 types:
    1 - Venereal
    2 - Adrenal
    3 - Pituitary
    4 - Thyroid
    - "The first thing Identify your body type"
    - Look for yourself from forward the following descriptions apply to.
    - Look for yourself from any side descriptions apply to you.
    - Face shape:
    - Look for yourself from the back side where excess weight in your body?
    Dieting and continue to explain to the rest of the species, speaking for every body type by the test that identified your body type!

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