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started by gardentobe on 29 Jun 14
  • gardentobe
    Retaining a youthful appearance as you age is a challenge. Many people spend so much time in their 20s and 30s raising young children and building careers that their appearance and health become very low on their list of priorities. This means people often find themselves in their mid-30s looking older than they would like and feeling more tired and worn out than they should.

    Youthful appearances require people to maintain a good body weight with adequate muscle tone, smooth and toned skin and healthy, thick hair. Each of these begin to diminish as people edge towards the big 4-0. But it does not have to be this way. With a sensible diet and exercise plan, anyone can stop the mid-life drain and Look 10 years younger.

    Real Nutrition

    Food is important to maintaining a youthful appearance. The nutrients in healthy foods help repair cellular damage, provide vitamins and minerals which will keep hair shiny and thin and the skin supple and firm. Supplements and diet aides offer many promises, but nothing works as well as real food. Salmon and citrus fruits are just a couple of examples of food that help to keep skin young and healthy.

    Proper Hydration

    Dehydrated bodies cannot function correctly or digest foods appropriately and are shown to age rapidly. In addition, dehydration can aggravate allergies and asthma as well as cause heartburn, headaches and constipation. Avoiding alcohol and ensuring you are drinking water every day are necessary for good health.

    Garden To Be


    Regular exercise is the only way to prevent the muscle wasting common with aging. It is a fact that as bodies age, the metabolism slows and muscle tone disappears. It does not have to be this way, but it takes work to prevent it. Unfortunately, people often react to this reality in one of two ways. One reaction is to give up. Knowing they do not have the time or energy to devote to hours of exercise, they let themselves go and suffer the consequences. The second reaction is dedicating themselves to exercise. They obsess over it, work out for hours a day and in the end they are left with muscle injuries, blown out knees and an ever-growing waistline. Both of these reactions are unnecessary and that is why Garden To Be.Com was created.

    Genuine Answers

    Garden To Be teaches everyone 35 and over to be the healthy, youthful and energetic person they have the ability to be. It provides advice about combining genuine nutrition with sensible resistant training that will give produce results. The workout they have devised is not easy, but it is fast and effective. It gives busy people a program which fits their lives.

    Of course you want to look younger, but you want to feel better too. Cosmetic surgery, makeup tricks and new hairstyles may improve your outward appearance, but they will never improve your health. Check out Garden To Be To Look Young Again to discover how you can look younger and feel younger too.

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