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Brett Boessen

Terra Nova: Game Education: What Should You Study? - 7 views

    • Brett Boessen
      The comments for this post are especially interesting.
    Fascinating. On the one hand, a lot of talk around liberal education. On the other, that classic theory/practice debate.
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    They're certainly two perspectives on pedagogy I myself encounter regularly, though for me it's digital media production instead. Still, I wonder if games is entering the academy at an interesting time in terms of opening up conceptions of learning and pedagogy. A decade or two ago, and we might have seen less interdisciplinary language in the way these folks are talking about games as an object of study.
    Interesting historical perspective, Brett. How is gaming's incorporation different from digital media's, a decade ago?
    I was really thinking about TV -- guess it's more decades ago than I'd thought -- and the way TV became the younger sibling to film. Of course there are more formal similarities between them than between either and games in many ways, so maybe the comparison is not particularly apt.
    Will gaming become older media's younger sibling, then?
    I don't really see that, myself, at least not from the production side, because computers and coding are such a prominent component. But it does seem like game studies is overlapping with existing media studies in many institutions. Perhaps we'll see a more demarcated split between studies and game design in a way we haven't seen with film and TV (not that film and TV aren't fairly demarcated at lots of schools; but they're still usually in the same department when they're both available).
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