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Dianne Rees

Achievements Considered Harmful? - Chris Hecker's Website - 1 views

    • Dianne Rees
      Where there's intrinsic motivation to begin with.
    • Dianne Rees
      Gold star, bonus check, etc
    • Dianne Rees
      Because you might actually be decreasing motivation
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    • Dianne Rees
      Doing the thing/playing the game must be intrinsically motivating in itself...i.e., rewards not necessary
    • Dianne Rees
      He means beware of using extrinsic motivation and thereby destroying intrinsic motivation
    • Dianne Rees
      Will lead you to design dull games....
    • Dianne Rees
      Do not grade on a curve
    • Dianne Rees
      Highly related to the task vs exogenous ($ for a behavior)
  • Use endogenous rewards.
    A thought provoking article and slidecast that discusses how extrinsic rewards can make games terrible...
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