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Sunny Jackson

Trading Board | Terraria Online - 1 views

    Place to setup trades with other players.
Sunny Jackson

GameFAQs: Terraria (PC) FAQ/Strategy Guide by Ice_Shield - 0 views

  • created by Re-Logic
  • You create a character which can then play in randomly generated worlds
  • You can technically explore your entire map through and through, in which case you can easily create a new world for the same character (or another one) and continue playing.
  • ...46 more annotations...
  • There is no "end" to the game.
  • The work bench needs ten pieces of wood
  • For every three copper/iron ores you can make one copper/iron bar.
  • If you have 5 iron bars, you can craft an Anvil, which is needed to craft our bars into other items.
  • you can purchase an anvil from the Merchant for 50 silver coins
  • (Weak) "Common" || "Uncommon" (Strong) Copper -> Iron -> Silver -> Gold -> Demonite -> Meteorite -> Hellstone
  • Copper is the weakest of the ores.
  • Iron is a little harder to find than copper yet is a little stronger
  • each have their own bonuses
  • Demonite is weaker than Meteorite
  • Pickaxe: Your pickaxe. You use it all the time. Used for mining.
  • Axe: Used for chopping down trees.
  • Hammer: Used for breaking down certain items.
  • Helmet: Used to add defense points. Goes on your head.
  • Chainmail: Used to add defense points. Goes on your chest.
  • Greaves: Used to add defense points. Goes on your legs.
  • Shortsword: Fast weapon, small range, attacks only in front.
  • Broadsword: Slower weapon, large range, attacks both in front and above.
  • Bow: A weapon that uses arrows. Arrows must be found/forged.
  • +Guide: Spawns at the beginning of the game. Gives you helpful hints.
  • +Merchant: Spawns when you have 50 silver in your inventory.
  • +Arms Dealer: Spawns when you have a gun in your inventory.
  • +Dryad: Spawns when you have killed any boss.
  • +Nurse: Spawns when you have used your first crystal heart.
  • +Demolitionist: Spawns when you have bombs or dynamite in your inventory.
  • +Old Man: Lives at the dungeon. Talking to him at night will spawn a boss.
  • Each NPC needs their own house to live in.
  • To spawn the Eye of Cthulhu, a boss monster, you must used ten lenses at a Demon Altar. He may also show up randomly at night.
  • To spawn the Eater of Worlds, a boss monster, you must break three Shadow Orbs.
  • To spawn Skeletron, a boss monster, you must talk to the Old Man at the dungeon at night.
  • To make a meteor fall, you must break a shadow orb and wait one full day. If a meteor does not fall, you must break another.
  • To gain mana, you must gain 10 fallen stars and craft it into a Mana Crystal, which will give you 20 Mana (max at 200).
  • Demonite is only given to you when you beat the Eye of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds.
  • Meteorite is only given to you when you mine where a meteor has landed. You need the nightmare pickaxe or dynamite to mine the ore and an obsidian skull to withstand the heat from the ore.
  • Hellstone is only found in Hell, the lowest layer of the world.
  • Eye of Cthulhu = ==================== HP: 3000
  • At the exact moment that night starts, run into the dungeon and wait for a head to summon. Then, lure it outside to your battlefield. The heads have 6000HP, just like Skeletron's head, aqnd when defeated give the same effect of beating the full Skeletron. This means that if you can beat the head (which is way easier than the full body), the dungeon will open up, and the game will act as if you've beaten Skeletron normally.
  • Goblin Sorcerer ===== HP: 60 Attack: 20 Weapon: Magical Definitely the most annoying of the group. Their attack fires a Chaos Ball at you, which is basically a magic ball, which can fly through blocks to get to you. They also teleport around the screen to add annoyance.
  • The blood moon is an excellent time to go killing if you feel like it, as you can rack up a lot of money and loot, since the spawn rates are double.
  • Whenever a player breaks a Shadow Orb there is a 25% chance that a meteor will fall between midnight and 4:30am. Meteors also have a very small chance of happening naturally overnight. When a meteor strikes an area you will receive a message stating so.
  • Meteors replace blocks nearby with Meteorite Ore. This ore is hot to the touch and will deal damage to the player when touched unless the player has an Obsidian Skull equipped. When the player reaches the area that a meteor has fallen the music will change and Meteor Heads will start spawning.
  • Broadswords
  • Phaseblade Damage: 21 Speed: Average Craft: Anvil (20 Meteorite Bars & Gemstones) Phaseblades can come in six different colors depending on which gemstones are used to create it. It also has a lower knockback compared to any other broadsword, making it easier to damage enemies.
  • Gold Shortsword Damage: 11 Speed: Very Fast Craft: Anvil (7 Gold Bars)
  • Dynamite is used mainly for mining and not attacking, though it makes a wonderful attcking tool.
Sunny Jackson

Wall of Fle.. Text | Terraria Online - 0 views

  • 39 new monsters, including 4 brand new bosses
  • three new NPCs, all waiting to be rescued.
  • 222 new items, including 4 sets of armor, and 21 accessories.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • The new lighting system is a lot easier on the eyes, and it adds a lot of atmosphere to the various biomes in the world.
  • Being able to place items straight out of your inventory makes building so much easier.
  • The new mechanic system allows you to create some interesting devices and traps.
  • one of the new NPCs will allow you to reforge an item to change it's condition
  • a Christmas update around the 15th
  • We are also very excited to announce that we have partnered with Head Up Games to release a boxed collectors edition copy of Terraria. There will be some fun goodies found inside, and even a special in-game item!
Sunny Jackson

Buffs - Terraria Wiki - 0 views

  • Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin Potion Immune to lava 4 minutes
  • Regeneration Regeneration Potion Provides life regeneration 5 minutes
  • Gills Gills Potion Breathe water instead of air 2 minutes
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Spelunker Spelunker Potion Shows the location of treasure and ore 5 minutes
  • Water Walking Water Walking Potion Press DOWN to enter water 5 minutes
  • Orb of Light Orb of Light A magical orb that provides light 5 minutes
  • Well Fed Bowl of Soup Minor improvements to all stats 10 minutes
Sunny Jackson

SteamTool Library Manager 1.1 - Stefan Jones - 0 views

  • you can install the games in your Steam Library across more than one hard drive
  • Games on the second hard drive will continue to play, download and update as normal, because Steam is still able to access them using their original folder names
  • Create an empty folder
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Open SteamTool
  • select the folder you just created
  • Choose a game from the list and click 'Move to Storage'
  • Download Installer
  • SteamTool can only move games that are stored in their own individual folders
  • User Account Control may require SteamTool to be run with administrative privileges to create links.
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