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Infinite Track Generation Like Road Fighter Game - 0 views

    In Infinite Track Generation games, background tracks are moving continuously. here you learn how to manage track Generation in infinite games.
    In Infinite Track Generation games, background tracks are moving continuously. here you learn how to manage track Generation in infinite games.
Sunny Jackson

GameFAQs: Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale (PC) FAQ/Strategy Guide by cheeseball341 - 0 views

  • Prime
  • Recette
  • quite deft with handicrafts
  • ...67 more annotations...
  • Tear ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A silver-haired fairy with a stern outlook on life.
  • keeps records of incoming orders
  • will buy from you at the regulation price for the majority of items
  • wields swords and uses sword skills
  • Likes: Swords Shields Helms Scarves Food Medicines
  • Alouette
  • will purchase things from you at exorbitant prices
  • Prime
  • Prime ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A spunky fairy
  • she will demand very low prices for your wares, and very high prices when she sells to you
  • Woman
  • prides herself on her ability to get a good price.
  • A Just streak bonus is awarded upon selling to/buying from a customer on the first attempt.
  • Each consecutive bonus doubles the bonus exp you get.
  • A NearPin bonus is what the customers believe the items are worth.
  • In buying, they want 100-108% prices. In selling, they demand 67-73% (approximately).
  • Just Bonuses are randomly chosen with each sale, and are the exact percentage value a customer believes the item is worth. This is one of the values in the aforementioned NearPin range.
  • Every 5 floors is an Exit door which you can use to leave the dungeon, collected treasures and experience intact.
  • food items, better equipment for your adventurer, and magic rings
  • Dungeoneering is very cheap, and can yield large numbers of items that can be sold in stores. It is also the only way to get the majority of the items in the game: through ingredients for fusion, dungeon-exclusive items and getting certain adventurers to unlock more item types.
  • It is only when hunting for fusion items or finding rare and valuable equipment that dungeoneering comes close to the level of simple merchant work.
  • Without going to the Pub enough, Elan will never be recruited.
  • Period 2: Market/Guild/Chapel/Square, good number of customers in-store Period 3: Market/Guild/Pub/Square, good number of customers in-store
  • Period 1 is generally optimal if all you need to do is buy items.
  • Period 3 is good after coming back from adventuring.
  • Normal Price: 70% Inflated Price: 84% Deflated Price: 56%
  • buying inflated items does *not* lose you money if you set items out wisely. In fact, it gains you far more money than anything else.
  • Never sell deflated items in the store, even if you found them in a dungeon. Selling your deflated items in vending machines, however, is fine.
  • Sell everything at 104%, and buy everything at 70%.
  • you will level up your customers faster with NearPins (3x as fast, actually), and can quickly buff their wallets.
  • Exceptions where you need to use discretion are: - Buying expensive items early on - Selling pricey items early on - On a repayment day
  • If an item is deflated, sell for 52%/buy for 35%.
  • If an item is inflated, sell for the highest possible price and buy for 140%.
  • The best things to put in your windows are: Medicines Yes, medicines. Having a bunch of Ferromin in your window will draw an enormous variety of people. Food Almost everybody likes food, right? Well, that's pretty true here. Food draws lots of people. Books Books tend to draw a fair mix of people, plus they're quite cheap and good sellers in general.
  • Booms will be signified by: 'A sudden rise in popularity...amongst *boomers*' 'Fortune telling using...' Anything mentioning 'sunstroke' Anything mentioning 'cold-weather' or 'bundling up' Anything mentioning a certain item/type of item and a type of customer
  • When a boom comes up, go out and buy the cheapest available item for that particular boom.
  • Sell everything at 104%, and you'll be getting NearPins galore, and a huge Just streak.
  • Prime is the only exception, if she comes in sell at 100% to keep the streak.
  • The secondary use of vending machines is to sell off items that currently have a decreased price but a significant base value. After a certain point in the game, low-valued items are poor moneymakers
  • Be careful not to oversell one item by putting it 10 of them in a Vending Machine. This will cause a price collapse, which will mean that you cannot replenish your stock of that item from the market.
  • Always, ALWAYS try to have at least 2 of the following: - Metal - Precious Metal - Weapon - Heavy Armor - Armor - Hat - Bracelet - Accessory - Scarf - Book - Treasure - Food
  • buy bracelets and you'll also have covered accessories
  • Buy Armor or Hats and you'll also cover the Armor order
  • Silver Spears are both Weapons and Precious Metals
  • Buy Longswords and you'll also cover Metal
  • Check the News and Outstanding Orders often
  • Keep cheap items handy
  • Try to have 3-5 of each cheap (Tier 1) item
  • This also insulates you from not having a certain type of requested item in stock.
  • When you can, move north. The camera is further up that way, so you'll be more likely to spot threats as they come.
  • A single high-level character will serve you far better than a low-levelled one, especially if you feed them plenty of Ferromin.
  • Learn your character's attack range
  • This way you can stay the maximum distance away from enemies and still have damage potential.
  • the further away you are, the better
  • Learn your character's skillset
  • you can get through any dungeon without harm if you take it slow and don't rush into things
  • Levelling up is a free source of HP and SP, so use it when you can
  • use items - don't be afraid to, you'll lose them anyway when you die (don't ever take purchasable consumables back with you
  • you can instantly swap items, change rings
  • If you are about to run into a Silver Slime, hit the menu (panic) button and switch to a Willpower Ring.
  • always bring Rings into dungeons
  • When inexperienced with the Crystal Nightmare boss rush,
  • it's recommended you suicide as soon as you get an item that you want, so as not to waste time and effort finding more items you won't be able to take back upon inevitably dying
  • if you have a full inventory and you have to throw out something,
  • anything that can be bought goes, and any rare or +X items stay.
  • Learn to sell things -- Tear gives you a little demonstration, but her pricing is a bit high for you to reliably sell to everyone. These are the prices that will work most of the time. You may have to propose the same price twice in a row. Guild Master: 130% Man: 130% Woman: 120% Old Man: 124% Girl: 114%
  • Learn to buy things from customers -- Tear will give you a brief tutorial once you hit level 2, but these are the prices you can buy at to spend roughly as little money as possible. Guild Master: 37% Man: 37% Woman: 50% Old Man: 40% Girl: 51%
Sunny Jackson

Welcome to Terraria 1.1! | Terraria Online - 0 views

  • thirty-six new monsters
  • three new friendly NPC’s that can be rescued
  • Dryad will now tell you the percentage of Corruption vs. Hallow in the world
  • ...40 more annotations...
  • New NPCs will spawn in their homes underground, instead of on the surface
  • Worms will no longer spawn when near a friendly NPC
  • Underground towns will now reduce, and eventually stop, enemy spawning
  • thirty-nine statues that are scattered around the world. Some of them do special things when activated with mechanics!
  • four new armor sets. Each set has different helms that give bonuses to melee, ranged, or magic, respectively
  • twenty-one new accessories
  • crafting requirements for Molten and Jungle gear have been reduced
  • Some accessories can now be combined at a Tinkerer’s Workshop
  • Colored Torches can now be crafted out of Gems and Torches
  • Added Mannequins that are crafted out of wood. Place armor on them for decoration/storage
  • Wrench to place wires
  • Wire Cutters to remove wires
  • Pressure Plates, Switches, and Timers to activate devices
  • Music Boxes that record and play in-game music
  • Pumps to transport liquids
  • colored lighting!
  • four lighting modes: Color, White, • Retro, and Trippy in the Options Menu or by pressing F9.
  • Above ground tunnels
  • Smashing Demon Altars with a special item will cause new ore to appear around the world
  • Defeating the hell boss will now increase the difficulty of the world. Harder monsters will spawn, and the Corruption’s rate of spread will be greatly increased.
  • Defeating the hell boss will allow the Corruption to spread underground, over sand, stone, and Sunflowers, and through Jungles, destroying them if you let it!
  • new biome, The Hallow, that will be created when the hell boss is defeated
  • Demon Torches now appear in shelters generated in the underworld
  • Underground cabins may randomly spawn around chests
  • Different styles of wall can now be placed next to one another without showing the background between them
  • When nearing the top of the world, the player will now leave the atmosphere and be less affected by gravity
  • three types of traps that are generated underground
  • Cacti no longer damage players
  • place objects without putting them on the hotbar. Right clicking will now drop the item
  • Items being held by the mouse will now be used by left clicking
  • Placing objects on grass will now destroy the grass
  • crafting menu now scales to fit the size of the screen
  • new NPC housing interface that can be used to assign living areas to NPC’s. This interface will also tell you if a room is missing any requirements
  • Your trash can is now emptied when you die
  • auto select hotkey that will pick a tool from the player’s inventory based on what their mouse is hovering over
  • All players will now leave behind tombstones when killed
  • Female players now have separate armor graphics
  • Holding a mechanical item will display the wire grid to create interesting new devices
  • backgrounds
  • Wooden Platforms no longer attach to non-solid objects
Sunny Jackson

Fire Emblem: Awakening - 0 views

  • Aether Attack twice consecutively, with the first strike having a Sol effect and the second strike having a Luna effect Skill/2% Great Lord 5
  • Rally Spectrum All stats +4 to all allies within a 3 tile radius for one Turn when the Rally command is used Command Grandmaster 15
  • Discipline Weapon experience x2 - Cavalier 1
  • ...23 more annotations...
  • Luna Ignores half the enemy's Defence or Resistance Skill% Great Knight 5
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Aegis Halves damage from bows, tomes and dragonstones *1 Skill% Paladin 15
  • Defender All stats +1 when paired up - Paladin 5
  • Rally Defence Defence +4 to all allies within a 3 tile radius for one Turn when the Rally command is used Command General 5
  • Pavise Halves damage from swords, lances, axes (includes magical variants) and beaststones *1 Skill% General 15
  • Astra Deals 5 consecutive hits with half damage Skill/2% Swordmaster 5
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Vantage When HP under half, always attack first during the enemy's Turn - Myrmidon 10
  • Swordfaire Strength +5 when equipped with a sword (Magic +5 when equipped with the Levin Sword) - Swordmaster 15
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Sol Recover HP equal to half the damage dealt to the enemy Skill% Hero 5
  • Counter Returns damage when attacked by an adjacent enemy - Warrior 15
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Armsthrift Attack does not reduce weapon usage Luck*2% Mercenary 1
  • Despoil Obtain Bullion (S) from the enemy if the user defeats the enemy Luck% Barbarian 1
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Lethality Instantly defeats the enemy Skill/4% Assassin 5
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Skill +2 Skill +2 - Archer 1
  • Movement +1 Movement +1 - Thief 10
  • Locktouch Open doors and chests without the need of keys - Thief 1
  • Pass User can pass through tiles occupied by enemy units - Assassin 15
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Acrobat All traversable terrain costs 1 movement point to cross - Trickster 15
  • Galeforce Allows the user another full action after they defeat an enemy during the user's Turn (only once per Turn) - Dark Flier 15
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Quick Burn Hit rate and Avoid +15 at the start of the chapter. Effect decreases with each passing Turn - Wyvern Lord 5
  • Deliverer Movement +2 when paired up - Griffon Rider 5
  • Lifetaker User recovers 50% HP after they defeat an enemy during the user's Turn - Dark Knight 15
    • Sunny Jackson
  • Renewal Recover 30% HP at the start of the user's Turn - War Monk, War Cleric 15
World Quiz Site

Welcome to World Quiz Site - 0 views

    World Quiz Site offers intellectually challenging General Knowledge Tests, Quizzes, Questions and Answers, Competitive Games, Challenges and Adventures.
Sunny Jackson

GameFAQs: Terraria (PC) FAQ/Strategy Guide by Ice_Shield - 0 views

  • created by Re-Logic
  • You create a character which can then play in randomly generated worlds
  • You can technically explore your entire map through and through, in which case you can easily create a new world for the same character (or another one) and continue playing.
  • ...46 more annotations...
  • There is no "end" to the game.
  • The work bench needs ten pieces of wood
  • For every three copper/iron ores you can make one copper/iron bar.
  • If you have 5 iron bars, you can craft an Anvil, which is needed to craft our bars into other items.
  • you can purchase an anvil from the Merchant for 50 silver coins
  • (Weak) "Common" || "Uncommon" (Strong) Copper -> Iron -> Silver -> Gold -> Demonite -> Meteorite -> Hellstone
  • Copper is the weakest of the ores.
  • Iron is a little harder to find than copper yet is a little stronger
  • each have their own bonuses
  • Demonite is weaker than Meteorite
  • Pickaxe: Your pickaxe. You use it all the time. Used for mining.
  • Axe: Used for chopping down trees.
  • Hammer: Used for breaking down certain items.
  • Helmet: Used to add defense points. Goes on your head.
  • Chainmail: Used to add defense points. Goes on your chest.
  • Greaves: Used to add defense points. Goes on your legs.
  • Shortsword: Fast weapon, small range, attacks only in front.
  • Broadsword: Slower weapon, large range, attacks both in front and above.
  • Bow: A weapon that uses arrows. Arrows must be found/forged.
  • +Guide: Spawns at the beginning of the game. Gives you helpful hints.
  • +Merchant: Spawns when you have 50 silver in your inventory.
  • +Arms Dealer: Spawns when you have a gun in your inventory.
  • +Dryad: Spawns when you have killed any boss.
  • +Nurse: Spawns when you have used your first crystal heart.
  • +Demolitionist: Spawns when you have bombs or dynamite in your inventory.
  • +Old Man: Lives at the dungeon. Talking to him at night will spawn a boss.
  • Each NPC needs their own house to live in.
  • To spawn the Eye of Cthulhu, a boss monster, you must used ten lenses at a Demon Altar. He may also show up randomly at night.
  • To spawn the Eater of Worlds, a boss monster, you must break three Shadow Orbs.
  • To spawn Skeletron, a boss monster, you must talk to the Old Man at the dungeon at night.
  • To make a meteor fall, you must break a shadow orb and wait one full day. If a meteor does not fall, you must break another.
  • To gain mana, you must gain 10 fallen stars and craft it into a Mana Crystal, which will give you 20 Mana (max at 200).
  • Demonite is only given to you when you beat the Eye of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds.
  • Meteorite is only given to you when you mine where a meteor has landed. You need the nightmare pickaxe or dynamite to mine the ore and an obsidian skull to withstand the heat from the ore.
  • Hellstone is only found in Hell, the lowest layer of the world.
  • Eye of Cthulhu = ==================== HP: 3000
  • At the exact moment that night starts, run into the dungeon and wait for a head to summon. Then, lure it outside to your battlefield. The heads have 6000HP, just like Skeletron's head, aqnd when defeated give the same effect of beating the full Skeletron. This means that if you can beat the head (which is way easier than the full body), the dungeon will open up, and the game will act as if you've beaten Skeletron normally.
  • Goblin Sorcerer ===== HP: 60 Attack: 20 Weapon: Magical Definitely the most annoying of the group. Their attack fires a Chaos Ball at you, which is basically a magic ball, which can fly through blocks to get to you. They also teleport around the screen to add annoyance.
  • The blood moon is an excellent time to go killing if you feel like it, as you can rack up a lot of money and loot, since the spawn rates are double.
  • Whenever a player breaks a Shadow Orb there is a 25% chance that a meteor will fall between midnight and 4:30am. Meteors also have a very small chance of happening naturally overnight. When a meteor strikes an area you will receive a message stating so.
  • Meteors replace blocks nearby with Meteorite Ore. This ore is hot to the touch and will deal damage to the player when touched unless the player has an Obsidian Skull equipped. When the player reaches the area that a meteor has fallen the music will change and Meteor Heads will start spawning.
  • Broadswords
  • Phaseblade Damage: 21 Speed: Average Craft: Anvil (20 Meteorite Bars & Gemstones) Phaseblades can come in six different colors depending on which gemstones are used to create it. It also has a lower knockback compared to any other broadsword, making it easier to damage enemies.
  • Gold Shortsword Damage: 11 Speed: Very Fast Craft: Anvil (7 Gold Bars)
  • Dynamite is used mainly for mining and not attacking, though it makes a wonderful attcking tool.
Sunny Jackson

GameFAQs: Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS) Forging FAQ by holyplankton_v2 - 0 views

  • Super Sickle -Skill Level: 13 -Quality Sickle, Gold x3, Silver x2
  • Legend Sickle -Skill Level: 17 -Super Sickle, Platinum x3, Gold, Arrowhead
  • Shiny Hoe -Skill Level: 13 -Seasoned Hoe, Gold x3, Silver x2
  • ...30 more annotations...
  • Blessed Hoe -Skill Level: 17 -Shiny Hoe, Platinum x3, Plant Stem, Gold
  • Steel Sword -Skill Level 9 -Broadsword, Iron x2, Bronze -Upgrade (14): Iron
  • Icifier -Skill Level 42 -Aqua Sword, Water Crystal, Silver, Scorpion Pincer, Tortoise Shell, Quality Cloth -Upgrade (44): Silver
  • Gorgeous Sword -Skill Level: N/A -Obtain from Tanya's 23rd request (Defeat 10 Hornets) in Generation 2 -Upgrade (76): Platinum, Diamond
  • Wizard's Staff -Skill Level: 38 -Staff, Magic Crystal, Magic Powder, Cheap Cloth, Speckled Skin, Woolly Furball -Upgrade (45): Amethyst
  • Magic Crystal
  • Mage's Staff -Skill Level: 39 -Silver Staff, Magic Crystal, Little Crystal, Speckled Skin, Sparkle String, Root -Upgrade (42): Aquamarine, Emerald
  • Magic Crystal
  • Rune Staff -Skill Level: 46 -Mage's Staff, Hammer Piece, Fur, Glue, Broken Box, Broken Hilt -Upgrade (52): Platinum, Diamond
  • Magic Shield -Skill Level: 20 -Small Shield, Magic Crystal, Speckled Skin, Cheap Cloth, Strong String, Plant Stem -Upgrade (23): Emerald, Aquamarine
  • Platinum Shield -Skill Level: 34 -Round Shield, Platinum x2, Quality Cloth, Hard Horn, Giant Gloves -Upgrade (38): Platinum x2
  • Prism Shield -Skill Level: 36 -Magic Shield, Root, Spore, Plant Stem, Poison Powder, Sparkle String -Upgrade (39): Emerald
  • Upgrade (10): No additional ingredients
  • Amulet
  • Pierced Earring -Skill Level: 27 -Iron, Silver x2, Gold, Fur, Magic Powder -Upgrade (30): Silver
  • Magic Earring -Skill Level: 43 -Pierced Earring, Silver, Magic Crystal, Hard Horn, Gunpowder, Fur -Upgrade (43): Hood
  • Power Gloves -Skill Level: 19 -Quality Cloth, Giant's Gloves, Panther Claw, Insect Skin, Strong String, Strong Vine -Upgrade (20): Proof of Warrior
  • Leather Gloves -Skill Level: 29 -Field Gloves, Giant's Gloves, Cheap Cloth, Hood, Speckled Skin, Strong String -Upgrade (37): Cheap Cloth
  • Heavy Boots -Skill Level: 37 -Razor Boots, Iron x2, Bronze, Glue, Shoulder Piece -Upgrade (38): Iron x3
  • Feather Boots -Skill Level: 47 -Razor Boots, Quality Skin, Fish Fossil, Bird Wing, Cheap Bandage, Little Crystal -Upgrade (52): Silk Cloth
  • Knight Boots -Skill Level: 58 -Feather Boots, Iron, Silver, Diamond, Silk Cloth, Devil Blood -Upgrade (63): Platinum x2
  • Magic Ring -Skill Level: 15 -Magic Crystal x2, Arrowhead, Insect Skin, Strong String, Scorpion Tail -Upgrade (21): Silver
  • Silent Ring -Skill Level: 24 -Iron, Bronze, Spore, Roundoff, Giant's Fingernail, Insect Skin -Upgrade (26): Silver
  • Critical Ring -Skill Level: 39 -Silver x2, Panther Claw, Scorpion Pincer, Insect Jaw, Bullhorn -Upgrade (46): Silver, Gold
  • Happy Ring -Skill Level: 78 -Cursed Ring x6 -Upgrade (78): Gold x2
  • Knowledge Certificate -Skill Level: 56 -Ruby, Magic Crystal, Broken Box, Devil Blood, Bird Wing, Silk Cloth -Upgrade (61): Aquamarine
  • Hero Certificate -Skill Level: 66 -Sapphire, Little Crystal, Devil Horn, Rage Fang, Silk Cloth, Proof of Warrior -Upgrade (71): Gold
  • Art of Magic -Skill Level: 76 -Magic Powder, Silk Cloth, Bird Wing, Fiary Powder, Sparkle String, Devil Horn -Upgrade (80): Hood
  • Art of Defense -Skill Level: 86 -Iron, Bird Wing, Tortoise Shell, Broken Box, Sparkle String, Silk Cloth -Upgrade (90): Giant's Gloves
  • Art of Attack -Skill Level: 96 -Sparkle String, Bird Wing, Silk Cloth, Wolf Fang, Rage Fang, Bullhorn -Upgrade (99): Devil Horn
Sunny Jackson

Comprehensive NPC Housing Guide | Terraria Online - 0 views

  • House Requirements:
  • no open sections in the walls
  • no gaps exceeding a square of 4x4 tiles
  • ...38 more annotations...
  • solid background wall
  • entrance
  • door or a wooden platform on the floor and/or ceiling that will allow access to the room
  • comfort item
  • Merchant: Must have 50 silver on your person
  • Lighting
  • no tiles may be left in darkness.
  • one "comfort item"
  • one "flat item"
  • Guide: Spawns at map creation
  • furniture
  • Nurse: Must have found and used at least one crystal heart
  • Demolitionist: Must have a bomb or dynamite in your inventory
  • Dryad: Must have killed a boss
  • Arms Dealer: Must have a firearm in your inventory
  • Clothier: Must have defeated Skeletron
  • Second Merchant: Three players have a combined total of 50g
  • Third Merchant: Five players have a combined total of five platinum
  • Second Nurse: Three or more players with a combined health of 400
  • 32 tiles worth of open space in their home
  • 7x5 and 8x4 are the smallest open spaces that the npcs will accept
  • a minimum of six blocks of width and four blocks of height
  • A 6x4 home is still unacceptable however, as it does not meet the minimum requirement for open space inside the home.
  • 5X269 is the largest room that accepts a bed
  • if you take out the background wall in that cave and replace it with identical dirt, it is now valid. The same goes for the dungeon!
  • you cannot use naturally generated caves as your NPC homes
  • you can put windows and other holes in the background wall of your NPCs' homes
  • no hole can be more than four tiles tall or wide
  • added wooden platforms to make a windowsill
  • platform counts as a tile that will fill the gap
  • different types of backwall always leave a 1-tile gap between the two types
  • you do not have to put an actual door on a room that has platform access
  • apparently the demolitionist thinks that this is a perfectly acceptable home
  • NPCs will not, in fact, move into a room with an entirely platform floor
  • a single block of solid flooring is enough
  • the block must be within two blocks of the furniture
  • Wooden platforms in the floor or ceiling of a room count as a door.
  • Doors and platforms do not have to be what we would term useful however - as long as they are contained within the room or its walls the NPCs are happy.
Sunny Jackson

Guide Links for Noobs | Terraria Online - 0 views

Sunny Jackson

Fire Emblem: Awakening | Spotpass Characters - 0 views

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