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Sunny Jackson

List of Items - Rune Factory 3 Wiki - 0 views

  • Flowers & Grass
  • 4-Leaf Clover
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • ...48 more annotations...
  • Frying Pan
  • Cures poison
  • highly resists critical hits
  • HP Rec+45% RP Rec+45%
  • HP REC+118% RP Rec+141% HP Max+127 RP Max+127 STR-5 INT+5 (6 hrs)
  • HP Rec+638
  • makes you resistant to catching cold for a time
  • HP Rec+2125
  • STR+106
  • VIT+106
  • HP Max-191%
  • RP Rec+160%
  • Chimera TailThe snake tail of a Chimera. Its tail has its own brain. Upgrades deal paralysis and poison.Buy: 14,400g — Sell: 5,500gUpgrade: ATK+9, M.ATK+8, STR+4, INT+8 (Difficulty 70)
  • Upgrade Materials
  • AmmoniteAn ancient friend of the octopirate. It's very tough, but a little weak against magic.Buy: 16,800g — Sell: 3,800gUpgrade: VIT+16, INT-5 (Difficulty 69)
  • Upgrades resist fatigue
  • Blue Lion FurBeautiful blue lion fur. Its flowing deep blue color invokes intelligence.Buy: 22,500g — Sell: 4,000gUpgrade: ATK-2, DEF-6, M.ATK+15, M.DEF+4 (Difficulty 62)
  • Upgrades can resist all status effects
  • raises chance of sealing foes
  • M.DEF+7, INT+3
  • knock away foes
  • Chest HairThe thick, wild chest hair of a greater demon. Used in upgrades to knock away your enemies.Buy: 96,000g — Sell: 3,600gUpgrade: ATK+10, DEF+2, M.DEF-4 (Difficulty 65)
  • INT+106
  • can drain HP
  • Packed with magical power
  • Dragon BonesSkelefang's bones. Only its skull can be useful.Upgrade: ATK+12, MAT+1, VIT-8 (Difficulty 48)
  • Dragon FinThe fin of an ancient dragon. Incredibly hard, but light as a feather.Buy: 90,000g — Sell: 8,400gUpgrade: ATK+10, DEF+10, M.ATK+10, M.DEF+10, INT+10 (Difficulty 83)
  • Earth D. ScaleScale of the legendary earth dragon. Very hard to prevent damage when burrowing underground.Buy: 190,000g — Sell: 9,000gUpgrade: ATK-3, DEF+26, M.DEF+20 (Difficulty 85)
  • Electric CrystalCrystallized electricity found inside wind dragons. Inflict paralysis.Buy: 160,000g — Sell: 4,400gUpgrade: ATK+8, DEF+8, M.ATK+7, M.DEF+7 (Difficulty 83)
  • Increases magic defense greatly
  • Fire D. ScaleScale of the legendary fire dragon. It's said it can withstand the inside of a volcano.Buy: 200,000g — Sell: 10,000gUpgrade: ATK+20, DEF-4, M.ATK+18 (Difficulty 87)
  • resist knockouts
  • increase chance of knockouts
  • increase chance of knockouts
  • Golem SlateOnce a piece of a golem. It has the word "met" written on it.Buy: 180,000g — Sell: 4,800gUpgrade: ATK+15, DEF+15, M.DEF-10 (Difficulty 83)
  • Grimoire ScaleA scale from the legendary Grimoire. Greatly increases your stats.Buy: 144,000g — Sell: 7,000gUpgrade: ATK+12, DEF+2, M.ATK+14, DEF+8, STR+2, VIT+2, INT+2 (Difficulty 84)
  • increase chance of knockouts and increase delay time
  • increase chances of knockouts
  • allow HP drain
  • Ice NoseModeled after the trunk of a crystal mammoth. Commissioned by a mammoth lover.Buy: 26,100g — Sell: 4,400gUpgrade: M.ATK+18, M.DEF-6 (Difficulty 73)
  • Ice ShardA piece of Death Wall that still has a mind of its own. Upgrades resist knock backs.Buy: 66,000g — Sell: 6,000gUpgrade: ATK-8, DEF+10, M.ATK+5, M.DEF+12 (Difficulty 76)
  • Legendary ScaleA scale of Dragon Lake's legendary fish. When used to upgrade, can drain lots of HP.Buy: 30,000g — Sell: 3,000gUpgrade: (Difficulty 78)
  • resist seal ailment
  • resist seal effect
  • Moving BranchCreepy branch that moves periodically on its own. Upgrades help inflict knockouts.Buy: 150,000g — Sell: 4,200gUpgrade: DEF+6, STR+4, VIT+7 (Difficulty 83)
  • Raccoon LeafA special magic leaf the raccoon needs to use magic. Very useful with transforming.Buy: 9,000g — Sell: 2,500gUpgrade: ATK+8, DEF+7, INT-6 (Difficulty 34)
  • Red Lion FurBeautiful red lion fur. Its fiery color invokes strength. Upgrades can inflict paralysis.Buy: 22,500g — Sell: 4,000gUpgrade: ATK+13, EF+2, M.ATK-2, M.DEF-6 (Difficulty 62)
  • Song BottleA bottle filled with a siren's song. Upgrades help resist all status ailments.Buy: 170,000g — Sell: 4,600gUpgrade: DEF-10, M.ATK+15, M.DEF+15 (Difficulty 83)

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