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Dream Chronicles Games Seriers - Have a day-dream! - 1 views

    Dream Chronicles is a "search and find" game, but not like any other game of this genre. This game engages you in a mystery that needs to be solved one puzzle at a time as the story unfolds around you. Be sure it won't be easy! That is a challenge in itself.

    Dream Chronicle games are Myst-like adventures that move players into a fantasy world of dreams. These adventures capture you from beginning to end.

    All the games of this series feature stunning graphics, a great variety of puzzle and soothing music!

    Read the full blog Dream Chronicles Games Seriers!

Help David to reach his family before nightfall in Escape the Museum 2 game - 4 views

    Help David reach his wife and daughter, who became trapped in the museum across town, after a devastating earthquake rocks the city. Navigate the treacherous streets, risk life and limb at every step, figure out the best possible path with the help of an unlikely stranger. David must reach his family before nightfall, can you help him?

My Kingdom for the Princess game download and play - 0 views

    A horrible tornado has devastated a kingdom and woken a hungry dragon. It is up to you, brave knight Arthur, to protect the princess on her way home. As you journey, restore the ruined lands using your puzzle skills to figure out the quickest strategy. Escort the princess back to her castle by clearing fallen trees, repairing roads, rebuilding shattered structures, and more. If you succeed, King Sigmund will reward you with a shiny new castle! Go on a quest in My Kingdom for the Princess!
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