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Ed Parker

Gears of War writer Tom Bissell on video games and storytelling - 0 views

    "Immersion" is the big watchword that game people use all the time. But to me it's not a matter of being "immersed" so much as it is simply being interested. (A game designer and academic named Richard Lemarchand made this argument beautifully at the G.D.C. [the Game Developers Conference] a couple years ago.) And you can be interested in all sorts of ways. One of the frustrating things for me in the last few weeks has been seeing the "video-game violence" debate. There's been a dispiriting lack of recognition of the sheer number of games out there that aren't violent, that are thoughtful.
John Fenn

Salman Rushdie - Videogame Narrative and Replacing Novels - ARIS - Mobile Learning Expe... - 0 views

    Clip of Rushdie talking about the future of storytelling vis a vis gaming worlds...the ARIS site this is posted to is home to a project in 'augmented reality'/situated documentaries at the UW Madison
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