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Mary Queen of Scots - 0 views

    A brief history on Mary, Queen of Scots, and her secret plotting against Queen Elizabeth.
Alberto Perez

The National Archives | Research, education & online exhibitions | Exhibitions | Secret... - 0 views

    The Babington plot, which was the undoing of Mary, Queen of Scots, was one of several conspiracies against Elizabeth I that were uncovered. The Ridolfi Plot In 1571 a plot was discovered involving Philip II of Spain, Pope Pius V and the Duke of Norfolk, as well as Mary's advisor, the Bishop of Ross, and Mary herself.
Collin Jackson

Steganography and Cryptography Using DNA - 0 views

    Researchers have applied the microdot principle described by Singh on page 6 to hide messages in DNA sequences.
Tyren Herbst-Ingram

Mafia boss undone by clumsy Caesar cipher - 0 views

    Clues left in the clumsily encrypted notes of a Mafia don have helped Italian investigators to track his associates and ultimately contributed to his capture after years on the run. The recently busted Bernardo Provenzano, reputed to be the "boss of bosses" of the Sicilian Mafia, used a modified form of the Caesar cipher to obscure "sensitive information" in notes left to either his family or underlings.
Derek Bruff

This guy suffered an epic hack. - 1 views

    Wow, poor guy. Time to update my passwords.
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