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Report -- FBI investigating St. Louis Cardinals for hacking Houston Astros' database - 2 views

    The St. Louis Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for allegedly hacking into networks and trying to steal information about the Houston Astros, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

The Black Chamber - Mary Queen of Scots - 0 views

    some extension about Marry Queen of Scots and cipher
Derek Bruff

Testing - 0 views

Just testing the "topic" feature.

started by Derek Bruff on 11 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Derek Bruff

@derekbruff/Crypto on Twitter - 4 views

shared by Derek Bruff on 12 Nov 14 - No Cached
    My short list of people to follow on Twitter who tweet about cryptography, security, and privacy.

Video surveillance in public schools - 2 views

shared by saraatsai on 21 Oct 15 - No Cached
    Discusses the growth and legal rights of video surveillance in schools. This article contains multiple instances where court cases ruled that there was not a reasonable expectation of privacy.
    by Christy Hickman, staff counsel Members often ask whether a school district violates their right to privacy by using video camera surveillance or video recordings of evaluative observations. It is easy to understand the growth of video surveillance in schools, especially with the onslaught of on-campus criminal behavior and the horrendous episodes of violence that we hear of all too frequently.
Ling Shi

NSA spying from a constitutional pov - 0 views

    The article takes a look at why NSA spying is inherently illegal, and substantiates the claim with official documents. Great for pro-privacy arguments, but also a good counterargument to address for pro-security.

General School Security Measures - 0 views

    Basic list of school security measures taken from NCES government website

National Institute of Justice Research Report: Chapter 2-Video Surveillance: Video Cameras-Legal aspects of the use of video cameras in schools - 0 views

    "Signage can be an important legal component in the use of video cameras in schools. As mentioned in the previous section, it is important that the presence of video cameras not lead a person to believe he or she will be rescued if attacked."

Technology Turns to Tracking People Offline - 0 views

    Some retailers use Euclid Analytics, which uses the Wi-Fi antennas inside stores to see how many people are coming into a store, how long they stay and even which aisles they walk. It does this by using signals from each smartphone that comes near the store.

NSA/CSS (@NSAGov) | Twitter - 1 views

shared by kolapo on 23 Sep 18 - No Cached
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