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Abbey Roberts

Can you keep a secret? The Bletchley codebreakers 70 years on - Telegraph - 4 views

    Interesting article describing the people who worked at Bletchley Park (UK) during WWII and the secrecy act that kept them silent. The article makes compelling comparisons to people today like Edward Snowden, who are legally bound to secrecy but ignore it. What are the ethical implications of being asked to keep military secrets? Of sharing military secrets? How do the differences between today's generation and the WWII generation affect how these ethics are viewed?
Collin Jackson

WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ - 0 views

    Continuation of a story I posted a while ago. Britain's top code-breakers say they are stumped by a secret code found on the leg of a dead pigeon. .
Justin Yeh

SIGSALY - NSA/CSS - 0 views

    The SIGSALY voice encryption system used during WWII by the Allies.
Kristin Davis

Official Site of the Navajo Code Talkers - 0 views

    The official website of the Code Talkers. It gives a description of the code used and stories of the remaining Navajos.
Siegfried Schlunk

Siemens T-43 - 0 views

    A basic overview of the Siemens T-43 cipher machine used by the Germans, the first mixer machine of its kind.
Ling Shi

Advanced Military Cryptography - 3 views

    A pre-WWII NSA document on advanced military cryptography which was declassified in 2014. This leads to the question of what impact disclosing these military secrets has on encryption and decryption of messages in future wars, and also why were these documents released in the first place.
Jackson Kelley

This badass female codebreaker hunted Nazis during the Second World War - 2 views

    Cool story about female codebreaker during WWII. There is a new book out about her story.
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