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How NSA and GCHQ spied on the NSA War world - BBC News - 0 views

    This article describes how, during the Cold War, the major distributor of cryptography machines (Crypto AG) worked with the Cold. This professional relationship provided the Cold with shortcuts on how to break ciphers created from the different machines. Also, Crypto AG was revealed as not having given the most up to date models to all countries, probably through deception. This raises the question of morality involving basic warfare. How is it moral for this supposedly trusted third party company to have special allegiances with the United States?Would the United States have the same opinion on this actions morality if they were the ones being sold out of date equipment? Or if one of their opponents had shortcuts?
Sahand Kalhori

National Security Agency Releases History of Cold War Intelligence Activities - 0 views

    Discusses some interesting undercover cryptography work during the Cold War era
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