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Edward Snowden says Facebook is just as untrustworthy as the NSA - Vox - 0 views

    We need to really pay attention to how many different apps and resources we have connected to big sites like facebook, and google. Heck, Apple as a whole essentially has our entire lives on record. Don't link everything to facebook or google, and maybe consider diversifying your technology.
    Companies don't require a warrant to conduct data searches of their customers. The safest way to ensure that your data remains private while using services from a company is to use client based end to end encryption.

Facebook Finally Adds HTTPS Support - 5 views

    I found this article interesting because it actually mentions the "firesheep" add-on we discussed during class as well as the encryption of our data.
    Good find. It's important to note that this piece is from 2011, shortly after the Firesheep controversy. As far as I can tell, HTTPS use is now mandatory, at least on I don't know about the Facebook app, however. That might be something to look into.
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