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35 per cent have upped online security following iCloud leak | Business Technology - 4 views

    Interesting that ~35% of 1000 surveyed have upped the strength of their passwords, but only 6% turned on two-factor ID, which was a major cause of the iCloud hacks going undetected for so long.
    It seems that two-factor authentication would not have prevented those iCloud hacks (according to this piece:, but since Apple has now changed the triggers for two-factor to include things like iCloud access, two-factor will be more helpful going forward. So it is a little surprising that more people haven't enabled it.
    I'm also reminded of the ACLU's Chris Soghoian's point ( that one reason people have crappy Apple passwords is that Apple makes you use your password so darn often. I know I get frustrated when I have to enter my (crazy long) Apple password on my iPhone just to download a free app.
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