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How the modern world depends on encryption - BBC News - 0 views

    This article discusses how there needs to be advanced cryptography in many facets of life for a person in the modern era from credit cards to phone calls to ATMS. It also describes how encryption uses such a large number of combinations, a brute force attack will never worm

Google's Student Data-Mining Scandal | National Review - 2 views

    "Over the past four years, Google has admitted 'scanning and indexing' student email messages and data mining student users for commercial gain." What to take away? Data mining is present everywhere and better encryption is becoming more and more relevant in the digital life of a college student in 2018.
Derek Bruff

This AI Tool Creates a 3D Portrait From a Single Photo - 0 views

    This doesn't look good for Face ID security.
Derek Bruff

iPhone X's Face ID Inspires Privacy Worries - But Convenience May Trump Them : All Tech... - 1 views

    Also worrisome... If your password is compromised, you can change it. If your facial data is compromised, well...

Bypassing encryption: 'Lawful hacking' is the next frontier of law enforcement ... - 1 views

    Good article about lawful deciphers for "better" security

Do governments need access to encrypted messages to thwart terrorism? | PBS NewsHour - 4 views

    PBS interview showing two sides of the security vs. privacy debate as it applies to the recent attacks in Paris, and all current issues of terrorism and a lack of information even with warrants. Gives a lot of good quotes from reputable sources that can be used to strengthen and support arguments.

After Paris, What We're Getting Wrong In 'Privacy vs. Security' Debate - 5 views

    This article discusses the faults in former deputy director of the CIA Michael Morell's statement that the use of encrypted apps made it difficult to stop terrorists. Claims that encrypted communications put them out of reach was false - there had been no change in al Qaeda tactics. Also, author Howard points out that there isn't a clear dichotomy between privacy and security.
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