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Elsa B. Kania (@EBKania) | Twitter - 0 views

    Posting two due to this being a student. Provides interesting insight nonetheless

Bypassing encryption: 'Lawful hacking' is the next frontier of law enforcement ... - 1 views

    Good article about lawful deciphers for "better" security

The Privacy Blog: Privacy, Security, Cryptography, and Anonymity - 4 views

    This blog is all about privacy, as the title suggests. The majority of the blog posts use actual examples, such as the Ashley Madison hack, in order to reveal important cybersecurity lessons. One particular blog post explains how Passages, a secure virtual browser, is a lot like hand sanitizer for the web. I thought that this blog was particularly interesting because it had a lot of relevant, unique examples about privacy and cryptography in the modern world.

Military Embedded Systems - 0 views

    This resource provides access to articles, news, and blog posts regarding military embedded systems, often using cryptography. One article referenced the cryptography used to secure "Data at Rest" and the length at which this information should be held secure. Is it ethical to keep this information from the public when safety is no longer a concern? At what point should these well-kept secrets become accessible?

Zimmermann Telegram - illegal UK interception of US cable in 1917 to aid war effort - 1 views

    This blog has information about military cryptography and privacy in general, including this post about the Zimmermann Telegram. Is it ethical to lie to an ally if it is in their best interest? What are the ethics behind spying on one's allies? Do ethics hinder one's ability to win a war, and if so, should ethics be disregarded in times of war? Another interesting post examines how Snowden should be viewed as a patriot, not a traitor. This made me question where one's loyalty should remain- to the government or to the people?

Military encryption's going open -- Defense Systems - 2 views

    This makes me wonder how ethical it is for the NSA to be so heavily involved in cryptography internationally. Are they building a backdoor into these crytographic systems? If so, how ethical could that be?

ellipticnews - 1 views

    A blog, by multiple authors, about new results in elliptic curve cryptography.
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