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Documentation | Qubes OS - 0 views

    This provides information on a OS that is like paranoidlinux used my Marcus. It is also available to download.

Walk the Walk: Gait Recognition Technology Could Identify Humans at a Distance - 1 views

    Interesting how this article talks about the gait analysis being used for catching terrorists, while in Little Brother, it was used to keep track of the high school students. The technology is not quite ready to be used, but seems to be much more reliable than the gait trackers in the book.
    Georgia Tech Research Institute is making gait recognition technology a reality. "The ultimate goal is to detect, classify and identify humans at distances up to 500 feet away under day or night, all-weather conditions. Such capabilities will enhance the protection of U.S. forces and facilities from terrorist attacks."

Big Brother Is Watching You Swipe: The NSA's Credit Card Data Grab - 2 views

    The way NSA did to track individual's information in the credit cards.

Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance - 0 views

    Facial scanning isn't quite to the point where it could be reliably implemented in a school, but it's not far off either.
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