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Abbey Roberts

Edward Snowden | US news | The Guardian - 0 views

    "Latest on the computer analyst whistleblower who provided the Guardian with top-secret NSA documents leading to revelations about US surveillance on phone and internet communications" - compilation of news sources on Edward Snowden

Big Brother Is Watching You Swipe: The NSA's Credit Card Data Grab - 2 views

    The way NSA did to track individual's information in the credit cards.
Collin Jackson

The Fastest-Ever Random Number Generator Conjures Digits from Subatomic Noise in a Vacuum - 0 views

    Not directly involving cryptography, but the implications of this definitely affect the field. Now that we have the capability to generate truly random number strings, our ability to encrypt data will improve.
Malak Elmousallamy

Hacked Chamber of Commerce Opposed Cybersecurity Law - 0 views

    This is another example of the debate on whether security or privacy is more important.
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