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Futurisms - Critiquing the project to reengineer humanity: Happy Birthday, Nanotechnology? - 0 views

    "Fifty years ago today, on December 29, 2009, Richard P. Feynman gave an after-dinner talk in Pasadena at an annual post-Christmas meeting of the American Physical Society. Here is how Ed Regis describes the setting of the lecture in his rollicking book Nano:

    In the banquet room [at the Huntington-Sheraton hotel in Pasadena], a giddy mood prevails. Feynman, although not yet the celebrity physicist he'd soon become, was already famous among his peers not only for having coinvented quantum electrodynamics, for which he'd later share the Nobel Prize, but also for his ribald wit, his clownishness, and his practical jokes. He was a regular good-time guy, and his announced topic for tonight was "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom" - whatever that meant.

    "He had the world of young physicists absolutely terrorized because nobody knew what that title meant," said physicist Donald Glaser. "Feynman didn't tell anybody and refused to discuss it, but the young physicists looked at the title 'There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom' and they th"
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Future Human Evolution - 3 views

    Scientific and speculative articles about the future of human evolution regarding to artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, transhumanism, nanotechnology, space colonization, time travel, life extension and human enhancement
Danila Medvedev

Accelerating Future » Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Conference - 0 views

  • Brian Wang, Advanced Nano
    “Economics in a new era”
    11:00AM - 12:00PM
    • Danila Medvedev
      Для текста про 2017 год...
Danila Medvedev

Three-Dimensional Nanofabrication - The world's smallest globe - 0 views

    Three-Dimensional Nanofabrication Using Electron Beam Lithography
    - The world's smallest globe
    with a resolution 100 times higher than previously possible -
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