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Crocodile Attack on food people screem around the way. - YouTube - 1 views

    Crocodiles are brilliant animals. They have been around since the season of the dinosaurs, and they have taken this opportunity to consul themselves into a definitive executing machines. They are bosses of disguise, solid, and if necessary they can abandon sustenance for quite a while. They are the animals of numerous individuals' bad dreams. However, when you are cautious around crocodile domain, you don't need to dread them, you can simply appreciate them for what they are, the guardians of the waterways. What's more, please add to crocodile protection.  The entire group of various species is known as the 'crocodilians'. This incorporates salt-water crocodiles, new water crocodiles, gators, gharials and caimans. At present there are 23 unique types of crocodilians around the globe. The majority of these are imperiled however, in light of the fact that human development is gradually assuming control over their region. This implies lodging improvements are worked around the waterways where they live, and crocodilians are pursued out. This is a disgrace, and unbalances the entire eco-frameworks of these waterways. Numerous other creature species have adjusted to the crocodiles around them, and crocs live by the tenet of the fittest will survive. They eat feeble and wiped out creatures. Crocodile protection is critical and merits much more consideration than it as of now gets.
Matteo Spreafico

TWEET IDEAS: 13 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet - 1 views

Janos Haits

Mozilla Labs » Chromeless Browser - 4 views

    The "Chromeless" project experiments with the idea of removing the current browser user interface and replacing it with a flexible platform which allows for the creation of new browser UI using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Janos Haits

Good OS - gOS and Cloud operating systems - 9 views

    Browser + Operating System\nWe've combined simple design and sophisticated technology to create Cloud, one of the world's simplest operating systems for surfing the web, email, and chat.\nCloud is a web browser plus operating system, enabling the browser to perform everything that the desktop is able to perform.
Paul Merrell

Get Satisfaction - People-Powered Customer Service - 0 views

    Interesting SaaS. Social Helpdesk? Folks post gripes about companies or products. Many companies have assigned folks to respond. E.g., Comcast has 9 staffers responding to customer support issues. Some start-ups are using the service as their only customer support web presence. If we view IT support on a continuum, we begin with in-house call centers, move to newsgroups and outsourced call centers, etc. Now a SaaS in the cloud for many companies' customer support? The company has a great (short) slideshow at . It has a fantastic punchline.
Manuela Ruiz

cuantos-datos-generamos-como-usuarios.jpg (1861×1185) - 0 views

    ¿Cuantos datos generamos los usuarios en la red?
Matteo Spreafico

Knowledge Genes® - Welcome Page - 4 views

  • Better knowledge, process and control coded WHAT, HOW and WHY
  • Better information in terms of WHAT you need to achieve, HOW and WHY
Matteo Spreafico

2 reasons most social networks aren't successful and 3 things you can do about it - 3 views

  • – Cluster Coefficient: This will give you an idea of how cohesive your network is. It’s pretty simple, just how many links you have in your network as a percentage of total potential links (which you can calculate by n(n-1)/2)
  • Finally, I would encourage you to read “6 Degrees” by Watts and “Linked” by Barabasi. Both are primary network theory pioneers and give accounts that are much more readable and informative than journalists write.
  • A tribe would eventually choose a host based on convenience (members are already using it, easy navigation, rapid sharing of communication, etc.), integration (Facebook Connect, Google Connect), and to some extent, available applications for members to use while being logged on to the network. Facebook excels in all three
Matteo Spreafico

The power of Twitter & the "Ellen Effect" | - 3 views

    The power of twitter
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